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First Look : 2014 Cadillac ELR

The new Cadillac ELR is not so much a car as it is a rolling, elegant, trophy case to house the General's most prized possession in recent years; the Chevrolet Volt. Unlike its Volt counterpart the ELR does not have to sell the buyer on the affordability and efficiency of the electric range extender platform. At an estimated $60k+, the Cadillac buyer will look at the car for the advanced technology and gorgeous design ahead of any notion that money is to be saved.

The ELR is simply stunning in person and fans of the CTS Coupe and the front design language of the XTS will love the muscular lines and use of LED lighting. The front grill of the ELR can stretch the brand's modern design trend further in the direction of aerodynamic efficiency without the worry of passing as much air through to the engine bay.

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2014 Fiat 500e Includes Rental Car?

So the biggest hurdle currently facing electric vehicles with a limited range like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Spark EV is that the owners will occasionally want to have a vehicle that can go on those out of town trips to Vegas or take a holiday visit to the in-laws without waiting 8 hours to charge the car after 80 or so miles. Cars like the Chevrolet Volt get around this dilemma by offering an alternative gas engine to extend the range.

But Fiat has a new unique solution to this common EV problem by offering a special rental program courtesy of Enerprise for purchasers of the new 2014 Fiat 500e, with an estimated 86 mile eletric range, that will be released in limited markets around California this summer. According to AutoNews:

Each 500e purchase will include a business account with Enterprise Holdings and enough points to rent a gasoline-powered standard car for up to 12 days a year. Fiat will deposit additional points on the first two anniversaries of the vehicle's purchase to extend the program through the first three years of ownership.

By using Enterprise Holdings' customer reward program, customers will have the option to use their points from Fiat to rent various vehicles, such as minivans or pickups. They also will have access to the company's 6,000 locations.


The pricing information for the Fiat 500e will be released on April 13th, 2013 but we expect the price to be in the $34k range before tax rebates

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Road Test: 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid "The New Sleek Sipper"


One of the biggest buzz vehicles for the 2013 model year is the all new 2013 Fusion Hybrid from Ford. The original Fusion and its Hybrid variant gave the Ford brand some credibility in the mid-size vehicle market and this new vehicle aims to shoot it to the top. The new Fusion comes at the peak of the popularity of the hybrid or alternative energy vehicles as the ever-increasing battle to beat $4/gallon gas prices wages on. As we hopped behind the wheel and took a drive through the California town of Signal Hill we were surrounded by numerous oil pumps, sucking the ground to feed the appetite of the gas starved LA area , and we wondered if we were sitting within their next big nemesis.

A walk around the new Fusion will give you a good glimpse at the direction the styling department of the Blue Oval brand is heading as the old three bar grill and plain lines are replaced with a almost Aston-esque outline.  The car is quite the head turner and even in luxury car-laden California we received a fair bit of stolen glances and giant grins from other drivers at stop lights. The trend in the past was to make the hybrid variation of a normal car stand out frm the crowd with large green hybrid badges or sometimes even large "HYBRID" lettering; the new Fusion doesn't resort to these obnoxious games. A quick glance around the outside of the car and you will find two hybrid badges on the front doors and then a small badge on the truck to show that this Fusion has something electric hiding underneath...

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photography by Jim Donnelly Photo

The Volvo V60: The World's First Diesel Plug-in Hybrid


Volvo's V60 Plug-in Hybrid is Volvo Car Corporation's most technically advanced model ever, and it might just change the face of hybrid technology. The V60 is the world's first diesel plug-in hybrid. It's an electric car, a hybrid car and a muscle car, all rolled into one.

Ford Shares More About Delayed 2012 Focus Electric Car

Ford's first all-electric mass-produced car, the 2012 Ford Focus, isn't yet available to buy in the U.S., but Ford thinks the delay in bringing it to market will be well worth the wait. With what Ford claims will be a best-in-class fuel efficiency of 100 MPGe, and plenty of patented technology designed to help drivers get the best possible range out of its 23 kilowatt-hour battery pack, Ford is confident its 2012 Focus Electric will be a success. 

Honda Civic Natural Gas Named 2012 Green Car of the Year


Green Car Journal announced the Honda Civic Natural Gas as the highly-anticipated 2012 Green Car of the Year® winner at a press conference Thursday morning during the Los Angeles Auto Show's press days. The cleanest running internal combustion vehicle certified by the EPA, the all-new 2012 Civic Natural Gas is the fifth generation of this alternative fuel vehicle and the only assembly-line produced natural gas passenger model manufactured for sale in the United States. It runs on a clean fuel that is almost exclusively domestically sourced and typically priced about 30 percent less than gasoline.

Will Electric Cars Lose Value Quickly?


For over 80 years, the Kelley Blue Book has been valuing new and used cars for the benefit of the auto industry. Used by automakers, car dealers and consumers alike, it has become the ultimate go-to guide for realistic valuations on virtually any age or condition of car. 

But although the Kelley Blue Book is now providing valuations for all of the electric cars on the market today, it remains skeptical about just how much electric cars will be worth in a few year's time. Are the Kelley Blue Book estimates correct? Or are they ultimately hurting electric car sales and consumers?

Electric BMW Schools an M6 and a Porsche 911

Being green might not be easy, but it has its own rewards. Case in point? This home-built E30 BMW. The engine has been swapped for an electric motor, and while that might leave some to jump to conclusions and start moaning about a loss in performance, there's nothing to complain about here.

With the equivalent of 600HP on tap, this lean, green and mean machine will make mincemeat out of most anything which lines up next to it. Check out the video and watch it smoke a traditional BMW M6 and a Porsche 911.    

Toyota Prius Plug-in Earns 2012 Urban Green Vehicle Award


The 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in, which will go on sale in Spring of 2012, earned Decisive magazine's annual Urban Green Vehicle of the Year Award today. The three Urban Vehicles of the Year award winners and finalists were announced after being selected by an independent panel of automotive journalists, who reviewed several dozen cars and trucks in various North American urban settings. Decisive magazine's Urban Vehicles of the Year, which were selected on the basis of style, practicality and attainability, will be featured in the magazine's winter issue and on mobile applications. 

2012 BMW 1-Series ActiveE


BMW has announced a super-exclusive program offering its new 2012 ActiveE electric car, based on the BMW 1-Series compact luxury sedan. The ActiveE brings a true German driving dynamics, a 168-hp electric motor, a luxurious interior and a BMW-estimated 100-mile range.

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