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HCH II-Specific Discussions Model Years 2006-2011

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Old 03-29-2010, 08:37 AM
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Real Name: Mike
Hybrids: 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid
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Default How to change a thermostat in the HCH II

This is for Starman:

Here are those attachments:

How to change a thermostat in the HCH II-10-8.jpgHow to change a thermostat in the HCH II-10-9.jpgHow to change a thermostat in the HCH II-10-6.jpgHow to change a thermostat in the HCH II-10-7.jpgHow to change a thermostat in the HCH II-11-374.jpg




2008 Prius
My daily driver since 27 Jan 2012
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Old 03-29-2010, 04:39 PM
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Real Name: Harold Wilkie
Location: Grand Forks B.C.
Hybrids: HCH 11 2006/ Prius 2006
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Default Re: How to change a thermostat in the HCH II

Starman- Did you ever get any heat out of your HCH2 yet? Maybe he got rid of it!!!, or he froze. Haven't herd from him in awhile. Hal
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Old 04-22-2010, 10:01 PM
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Default Re: How to change a thermostat in the HCH II

navguy12: thanks for posting the procedure, it was a geat help.

Harold: still have it but it will be gone before it gets cold and the back tires wear out again. To bad it is a lemon, but time to move on to better things.
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