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Old 02-27-2012, 12:54 PM
Hybrids: 2007 Prius
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Default Drove an 08 salvage escape hybrid: drives fine, looks good, what's a good price?

hi, I just came back from test driving a 2008 escape hybrid with 18k miles, i checked the carfax & autocheck reports and it had a salvage title at the insurance auctions due to flood damage. It also has an accident in its history about a year before the flooding. Dealer was asking 13k for it and i brought it down to 11k. So, I went to his place and test drove the escape.

Initial impressions:
* Exterior & interior looked okay without anything sticking out in particular
* The cranking up process was very silent and I could barely hear the engine while moving on local roads.
* The hybrid display showed 23mpg as avg
* I checked the glove compartment and it had the books/manual in it - looked like it had been soaked in water and dried up
* The drive felt very much like a prius (engine turns off at stop lights and with a slight accelerator, it moves forward without engaging the ice unless more pedal is pressed)
* I then pulled into a gas station and revved it up all the way (pedal was pressed all the way in) and the engine rpm's went only upto 3k or slightly more. is this normal? it didn't go all the way up.
* Also, I heard some noise from the engine compartment, sounded like a bad suspension part, not really sure, dealer said he will check and get back to me.
* I then took it on the freeway upto 70mph on a steep incline and it felt like a prius struggling when trying to accelerate uphill.
* Drove it back and looked under the hood, it did look dirty as if fresh water had gone over it.

Now, even though it looked and drove nice, there was lot of evidence of fresh water in it atleast going over the glovebox compartment. I'm thinking of passing it but was wondering what's a fair value for this vehicle. It is fully loaded I think, leather & nav. Everything seemed fine other than the driver seat didn't get hot enough (very mild or maybe wasn't working)

Edit 1: just realized that I posted in fusion hybrid section, can the mod move it to escape hybrid.
Edit 2: Forgot to mention, dealer has been driving the car for a little over a month now and has put more than 3k miles.

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Old 02-27-2012, 12:54 PM

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