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November 2008 Archives

SEMA Review: Green Altima Race Car Does LA

hot rod hybrid.JPGToday's budding gearheads are different in a few ways from the motoring enthusiasts of the past.  Where the old school guys are all about big power from big engines, the newest enthusiasts have been raised to "think green", and due to the shift in the performance automotive market, that same big power is made by small engines.  The idea of a performance economy car breathes life into the possibility of a "green" race car, and Braille Battery, in cooperation with Nissan Motors, is using the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show to display their awesome high performance hybrid.

Dodge EV Beats Dodge SRT8.

dodge ev1.JPGIt seems unlikely that a 268 horsepower electric powered Dodge concept wearing a Lotus body could beat a new Dodge Challenger SRT-8 in a short race from a stop, but during a recent show-off session of the new Dodge EV, that was exactly what happened.

The Rose Bowl parking lot was the site of the showdown between high-performance and high technology, and the result helped to secure the idea that not all electric vehicles are just for low-cost commuting.  So many companies have turned to hybrid and electric vehicles as a solution for "responsible efficient transportation", that the enthusiasts' standpoint has been forgotten.  The alternative power vehicles are a great alternative for those who only use their car to get from point A to point B, but for many of us, driving is an enjoyable experience, and the Dodge EV plans to prove that electric vehicles can provide the same fun as a combustion engine powered vehicle.

Toyota to Build a Prius Coupe?

prius1.jpgWhile the rumors of a whole brand of Prius from Toyota, similar to what we have seen with Scion, are still unproven and unverified by the company, more credible rumors are ramping up about more variants of the popular Prius, mainly in the form of a Prius coupe.  When the Prius hit the market, it was the only real option in its class, and while cars like the Civic Hybrid came along, the Prius was relatively unchallenged.

2008 'Green' Twin Turbo Corvette...?

tt logo.JPGThe 2008 Chevrolet Corvette comes equipped with a 6.2L LS3 engine, making 420 horsepower and 424lb-ft of torque and yielding around 16/20 mpg.  By no means is the new Vette considered "green", even though it is one of the most popular sports cars in the history of the American automobile, and with rising fuel prices and consumer demand for better economy, the performance car market has slowed, even for the Corvette.

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