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February 2009 Archives

2009 Toyota Prius Comes with Cashback

We hope gas does not go up in price anytime soon.  But if history is any indication, it will.  Paying $2 per gallon for 87-octane is near nirvana, but many analysts predict gas topping $4/gallon in the not too distant future. And if OPEC has anything to do with it, it just may. Luckily, Toyota has your back.  They understand the whole hypermiling MPG game.  They also understand that the economy is hurting, so they will reward prospective Prius buyers with $500-2000 cash back* on all 2009 Toyota Prius models. Not only will you be save a ton of money on the purchase of a brand new Prius, you will save a few petroleum tankers filled to the brim, as well.2009 Prius.jpg

The 2010 Prius Connection - Detroit

grey under display.jpgSince its inception, the Toyota Prius has developed a cult-like following and loyalty that few other cars have replicated.  Toyota built on this enthusiasm by organizing a special event in Detroit catering to influential Prius owners in the community for the debut of the 2010 Toyota Prius

After an evening of meeting and greeting some of the most well-known Prius enthusiasts online, the group prepared for the release of the 2010 Toyota Prius at the North American International Auto Show.

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