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September 2009 Archives

2010 Fisker Karma Hybrid Review: Engine, Performance, and Pricing

The gorgeous 2010 Fisker Karma sports sedan promises so much that some auto-industry watchers fear it's almost too good to be true. The verdict should come with the Karma's scheduled production debut in late 2009.

Fisker Automotive calls the Karma an eco-friendly car without compromise in performance, style or design. It's a large, four-passenger plug-in hybrid sedan that drips luxury and sex appeal.

2010 fisker karma.jpg

2nd Generation Toyota Prius Buying Guide

The editors at Autos.com have put together a helpful guide for shoppers interested in purchasing a used 2nd generation Toyota Prius. Not only is this the generation of Prius that's synonymous with the word hybrid, but it's also the hybrid that brought the technology to the masses. Additionally, it's hands-down one of the most reliable vehicles you could buy, not to mention most-efficient. Used Toyota Prius Buying Guide

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