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February 2010 Archives

Yokohama Tire Corporation's eco-friendly dB Super E-spec™ tire, which is composed of 80 percent non-petroleum-based products, accumulated high test scores when compared to low rolling resistance competitors during Tire Rack's recent Real World Road Ride.

"The Tire Rack test shows that the dB Super E-spec, which introduces new technology in tire materials and design, is noticeably better on all-around performance," said Mark Chung, YTC director, corporate strategy and planning. "Compared to standard tires on a Prius, both the fuel efficiency and handling are improved, and compared with other conventional tires that offer enhanced fuel efficiency, the dB Super E-Spec excels in driving performance. As the only manufacturer reducing petroleum by infusing orange oil into the tires, the dB Super E-spec stands above the competition."

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