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Electric BMW Schools an M6 and a Porsche 911

Being green might not be easy, but it has its own rewards. Case in point? This home-built E30 BMW. The engine has been swapped for an electric motor, and while that might leave some to jump to conclusions and start moaning about a loss in performance, there's nothing to complain about here.

With the equivalent of 600HP on tap, this lean, green and mean machine will make mincemeat out of most anything which lines up next to it. Check out the video and watch it smoke a traditional BMW M6 and a Porsche 911.    

Why Leaf, Not Volt? Here's What One Of The First Leaf Owners Says

The 2011 Nissan Leaf electric car is now officially on sale. Over the past several days--beginning with the first delivery in San Francisco we covered this past weekend--Nissan has begun making actual deliveries of the Leaf. Not just to company fleets, public utilities, or those in transportation think-tanks, but to actual consumers.

One of these--the fourth nationally, and the first to take delivery in Oregon (Portland being one of the Leaf's key initial markets)--is John Duncan, who was presented his car by Mark Perry, Nissan's director for product planning, and his keys by Joel Fowler of Tonkin Nissan, in Wilsonville, Oregon, outside Portland.

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