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Royal Purple Introduces New 0W-20 Motor Oil

royal-purple.jpg Royal Purple announces the release of their new 0W-20 motor oil.  The introduction of this viscosity was prompted by Toyota and Honda recommending zero weight synthetic motor oil for a growing number of new models.  Lower viscosity oils are used to help improve fuel economy. Royal Purple 0W-20 exceeds industry standards and is an American Petroleum Institute (API) SN licensed motor oil.  It provides distinct performance advantages.

Bridgestone Expands Their Ecopia Fuel-Friendly Tire Lineup


img_ecopia.jpgBy Patrick Rall

Bridgestone debuted their Ecopia tire line, featuring a low rolling resistance design that helps to improve fuel economy without negatively impacting driving dynamics or braking.  If you are not familiar with low rolling resistance tires, think about how the tires on your car or truck "flatten" a bit where they meet the ground while the car is parked.  When you are driving, that same flattening occurs and that effect, in turn, creates drag that negatively impacts your fuel economy. 

Bridgestone's Ecopia lineup includes the EP422 passenger car tire and the Dueler H/L 422 light truck and SUV tire. Both feature a low rolling resistance design that improves the drag, caused by the tire's natural properties, by 36% compared to traditional passenger car tires and 42% compared to standard light truck tires.  This lowering of the rolling resistance by such a substantial amount reflects in fuel economy, improving the efficiency of the vehicle in question by 4%.  So by simply installing the Bridgestone Ecopia tire on your car or truck, you can improve your fuel economy by 4%.

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