2008 ‘Green’ Twin Turbo Corvette…?

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tt logo.JPGThe 2008 Chevrolet Corvette comes equipped with a 6.2L LS3 engine, making 420 horsepower and 424lb-ft of torque and yielding around 16/20 mpg.  By no means is the new Vette considered “green”, even though it is one of the most popular sports cars in the history of the American automobile, and with rising fuel prices and consumer demand for better economy, the performance car market has slowed, even for the Corvette.

TT 08 Vette.JPGWhat if you could have a 2008 Corvette that could get 40mpg around town and 32 on the highway?  How about you could not only get those mileage figures and your Corvette would also have over 650 horsepower? GenesVettes.com has done just that with their new Twin Turbo kit for the 2008 Corvette.  While Genes Vettes also offers a TT kit that makes 650 and 750 horsepower, but their high end kit offers a whopping 775 horsepower and 691 lb-ft of torque.

tt underside.JPGThis picture gives a good look at how the turbochargers are mounted, with the turbines mounted near the rear of the car, rather than under the hood.  The compressed air then runs back to the intercooler, then into the engine.  (This picture is not a picture of the Genes Vettes model, but rather another 2008 Corvette Base model using the STS twin turbo kit)

Turbocharging is typically used to create big power, but it also helps to create more power with less effort by the engine.  The STS TT kit applied to this new Corvette, along with advanced tuning efforts to help not just power but also the efficiency of the car, this car is able to reach those lofty hybrid-like economy numbers along with the huge power.  Genes Vettes is working in cooperation with Blade Chevrolet of Mount Vernon, Washington, and thanks to this program between the two, this Twin Turbo Corvette package comes with a complete bumper to bumper (3/36,000) and powertrain (5/100,000) warranty!  So, not only can you have great fuel economy and anywhere from 650-775 horsepower, but you also have the same advantages as all other new GM buyers.  Genes Vettes and Blade Chevrolet also service Silverados, and other vehicles carrying the GM 5.3L, 6.0L, and 6.2L.

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