2011 Fisker Karma ‘Final Pricing’ Goes Up Again, To $95,900

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Fisker Karma

The 2011 Fisker Karma is still on track to reach U.S. dealers in March or April, according to the company.

But there’s one new piece of info: The price of the extended-range electric sports sedan has gone up. Again.

Originally announced in 2008 at a price of $80,000, the Karma fairly quickly went up to $87,900 and stayed there. Now, just before launch, ‘final pricing’ has risen another $8,000.

Based on an e-mail forwarded to us last night and originally sent by Fisker of Santa Monica, the final pricing for the 2011 Fisker Karma is:

  • Eco Standard: $95,900
  • Eco Sport: $103,900
  • Eco Chic: $108,900

There’s also a mandatory destination charge of $950 on top of those prices.

Karmas are eligible for a $7,500 Federal income-tax credit as well as
a variety of state and local incentives. In California, the car
qualifies for a $5,000  purchase rebate on top of the Federal allowance.

Options for the 2011 Fisker Karma run as follows:

  • Tri-Tone Leather Interior: $2,200
  • Diamond Dust Paint: $3,000
  • “Special Paint”: $3,000

The Fisker Karma order guide shows all the available colors, as well as various other choices for future owners to make.

According to the dealer’s e-mail, test drives will be available in late February or early March.

Fisker exhibited its prototype Karma at each of its dealers in a lengthy U.S. national tour last summer.

company hasn’t released final specifications, but the 2011 Karma is
expected to travel 50 miles using only electricity from the battery.
After its lithium-ion battery pack is depleted, a range-extending
2.0-liter direct-injected four-cylinder GM Ecotec engine switches on.

engine turns a generator that produces electricity to operate the drive
motors for a further 250 miles of range.The rear wheels are powered by a
pair of 150-kilowatt electric motors. Fisker has quoted a 0-to-62-mph
time of less than 6 seconds, and a maximum speed of more than 125 miles
per hour.

This story originally appeared at Green Car Reports

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