ClipperCreek EV Chargers Gain Advanced Control Interface

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New COSMOS interface for HCS chargers provides easy integration for third party monitoring and building management systems.

The popularity of EVs is growing and businesses are looking for affordable ways to integrate charging systems for their customers. Thankfully, a new update for ClipperCreek HCS 240V Level 2 charging systems adds some intelligent features to meet this demand. The update is called COSMOS and can be added to the HCS Series charging stations for just $184. According to Jason France, one of the ClipperCreek founders, “many companies desire integration of EV charging with existing building energy management systems. COSMOS is a comprehensive interface that can be utilized by a variety of systems, but is extremely affordable.” Therefore, the new interface will give more control of the charging systems to developers, system operators, and system integrators.

The update features a simple digital load management interface, as well as UART Serial Communication interface for more advanced connection to third party monitoring and control systems. Through this, businesses can control power output, monitor load, view station status, and even monitor vehicle connected status. Information can also be sent to a third-party application like PlugShare to show potential customers when a charger is available. Affordable access to this technology benefits both EV owners and businesses. We can look forward to a larger charging network and increased integration with our cars and devices to know where and when we can charge.

The ClipperCreek HCS chargers start at under $600 and are extremely easy to setup and install for home or business use:

The COSMOS digital and serial interfaces are both being successfully used by several companies and developers today. The Hyatt Regency Sacramento recently installed the largest single hotel EV charging cluster in the US, including 20 ClipperCreek HCS chargers. These 20 chargers utilized COSMOS to integrate with the GridRabbit advanced energy management system by Smart Grid Billing, Inc. “The integration of ClipperCreek’s Cosmos enabled EV charging stations with the GridRabbit advanced energy management system offers building owners and managers an elegant, cost-effective solution to assure that electrical load is kept within lower cost utility price tiers and building energy utilization is optimized,” said Henrik Westergaard, CEO of Smart Grid Billing, Inc.

Get more details about the COSMOS update or HCS charging systems here.

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