Road Test: 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid “The New Sleek Sipper”

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One of the biggest buzz vehicles for the 2013 model year is the all new 2013 Fusion Hybrid from Ford. The original Fusion and its Hybrid variant gave the Ford brand some credibility in the mid-size vehicle market and this new vehicle aims to shoot it to the top. The new Fusion comes at the peak of the popularity of the hybrid or alternative energy vehicles as the ever-increasing battle to beat $4/gallon gas prices wages on. As we hopped behind the wheel and took a drive through the California town of Signal Hill we were surrounded by numerous oil pumps, sucking the ground to feed the appetite of the gas starved LA area , and we wondered if we were sitting within their next big nemesis.

A walk around the new Fusion will give you a good glimpse at the direction the styling department of the Blue Oval brand is heading as the old three bar grill and plain lines are replaced with a almost Aston-esque outline.  The car is quite the head turner and even in luxury car-laden California we received a fair bit of stolen glances and giant grins from other drivers at stop lights. The trend in the past was to make the hybrid variation of a normal car stand out frm the crowd with large green hybrid badges or sometimes even large “HYBRID” lettering; the new Fusion doesn’t resort to these obnoxious games. A quick glance around the outside of the car and you will find two hybrid badges on the front doors and then a small badge on the truck to show that this Fusion has something electric hiding underneath…

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photography by Jim Donnelly Photo

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