Toyota Prius Plug-in Earns 2012 Urban Green Vehicle Award

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The 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in, which will go on sale in Spring of 2012, earned Decisive magazine’s annual Urban Green Vehicle of the Year Award today. The three Urban Vehicles of the Year award winners and finalists were announced after being selected by an independent panel of automotive journalists, who reviewed several dozen cars and trucks in various North American urban settings. Decisive magazine’s Urban Vehicles of the Year, which were selected on the basis of style, practicality and attainability, will be featured in the magazine’s winter issue and on mobile applications.

“We are pleased with the recognition of the 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in as
a well-designed, smart and attainable vehicle, especially in an urban
environment,” said Jim Colon, vice president of Toyota product
communications at Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.  “We’re confident that
the Prius Plug-in’s extended electric range, selectable EV mode,
expected 87 MPGe and quick home charging are among the features that
helped Toyota secure this distinction.”

Toyota Prius Plug-in will be among the winners and finalists to be
honored at the 16th Annual Urban Wheel Awards, hosted by the Emerging
Diversity Education Fun (EDEF) and Decisive Media, on Sunday, January 8,
2012, in Detroit.

“This is the Prius everyone has been waiting for,” said Lyndon Conrad
Bell, editor-in-chief of Decisive magazine. “Endowing the world’s
favorite hybrid with the ability to run purely on electric power for
significant distances and recharge itself from an AC outlet remade and
exceptional urban green car into the ideal urban green car.”

Joining the popular third-generation Prius Liftback and the new Prius v,
the new Prius Plug-in combines the benefits of the standard Prius
model’s hybrid vehicle operation with extended electric vehicle (EV)
driving and more affordable pricing than pure electric or range-extender
type vehicles. The 2012 Prius Plug-in Hybrid, which offers seating for
five, is expected to achieve a manufacturer-estimated 87 MPGe (miles per
gallon equivalent) in combined driving and 49 MPG in hybrid mode.

Toyota has sold more than one million Prius models in the United States
since the first-generation model was introduced for model-year 2001. The
recent introduction of the larger Prius v and now the Prius Plug-in
Hybrid brings this eco-focused model range to four distinct vehicles,
including the Prius c, which will debut in 2012.

Content courtesy of Toyota

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