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      Real Hybrid Mileage Database  2.0
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Car Name Member Name MPG Current Miles Starting Miles Tanks

. EPA City: 0 mpg (US)
EPA Highway: 0 mpg (US)

Using the Graph: This histogram visuallizes the fuel economy distribution of cars in this category. When using US units, the Y axis is the quantity of cars achieving within three miles per gallon less than the X axis value.

Using the Data Table: Select a member or individual car name to see more details. Cars whose links appear black have been updated within the last ninety days.

Hypermiler Hypermiler! The driver of this car has achieved "hypermiler" status. To qualify, a car must have higher fuel economy than EPA estimates over more than 3,000 miles. The EPA city/highway figures are weighted for each car. If no percentages are specified, 55/45% is default.