Brakes "Clunk" When Applied

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Default Brakes "Clunk" When Applied

2004 HCH:
My right front brake makes a loud clunk or pop sound the first time I apply the brakes in forward or reverse. However, if I keep moving in the same direction, subsequent stops don't have the noise. Once I change direction, the first stop in that direction has the noise.

It sounds like the brake assembly is shifting back and forth based on the last direction traveling when the brakes were applied. The dealer says this is normal, but I'm skeptical. This doesn't happen with our 2003 HCH. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

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Default Re: Brakes "Clunk" When Applied

Greetings Mike,

I don’t know if this is the same symptom or not, but my 2003 HCH developed a clunk that I noticed when applying the brake, or when rolling away from a dead stop. I took it in to the dealer, and had them drive it with me in the car. I asked, “there, do you hear that sound?” The service rep acknowledged that yes, he heard the sound. The mechanics diagnosed the problem by having one guy drive over a service bay and apply the brake while another guy inside the bay listened for the clunk. They isolated it to a loose axle nut on the driver's side half-shaft. They torqued it to spec, and the problem was resolved. So, you may suggest that they check the half-shaft bolts.
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Default Re: Brakes "Clunk" When Applied

my 05 hch does this too, maybe for a week now (7500mi). I am going to mention it when I take it in for the recall I just got last week on the ecm.

any advice is appreciated.
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Default Re: Brakes "Clunk" When Applied

mine seems to have developed a clunk- though I'd call it more of a loud click- too. I don't hear it all the time- only the first time I apply the brakes after the car has been sitting for a while (usually at the end of my driveway).
I also have a rattle in the back- sounds like maybe exhaust hanger or something- only hear it over really rough/holey spots. can't wait to have that diagnosed- last time I had a loud clunk, in my F150 pickup, I got it back and was told "it was a quarter in the seatbelt buckle m'am" boy was I irritated with the little woman routine.
took it back the next week and took the mechanic out for a ride. he says, 'oh yeah, the shocks are loose"
went back that evening to pick it up and was told "it's safe to drive now but you have to bring it back next week for parts on order"
the main cross axel bolt had come loose and was hanging by a thread! it had enlarged the hole, and they had to specially gasket it to fix it. oh yeah...quarter in the seatbelt buckle.
told the service manager about the quarter thing and he got really embarrased and gave me a free oil change. (axel thing was warranty)

I'll guess I'll wait till the 10,000 service to discuss it with the mechanics.......
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Default Re: Brakes "Clunk" When Applied

My 03 does this too - I had the dealership look into it at my 15K check, but they too told me it was typical. I'm interested in that half-shaft bolt - I'll have them check it at my next service. But yes, mine has done this since driving it off the lot.
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Default Re: Brakes "Clunk" When Applied

Car's back from the dealer...

The brake noise is normal - they even gave me a copy of the TSB describing it. I still don't understand the difference from my 03 HCH, but oh well...

Took care of the ECM recall. CD player was skipping - they've ordered a new one.

Rattles in the A-pillars - there's a TSB covering this (Number 04-301, May 2004). It's important to tell the dealer about this TSB, otherwise they'll do a generic rattle search and tell you they couldn't reproduce it

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