Carbon fiber hood (HCH I)

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Default Carbon fiber hood (HCH I)

My mom backed into my HCH I this morning... Ouch!
We could probably just have the hood fixed, but since it's damaged anyway I figure it wouldn't hurt to look into a carbon fiber hood. Anyone out there know anything about carbon fiber hoods? What should I know?

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Default Re: Carbon fiber hood (HCH I)

The #1 thing to make sure is that it is top quality (fitment that is very close to OEM and it is fastened properly). A lot of times the cheap stuff doesn't fit well, mounting brackets are weak or don't fit properly on the oem hinges, etc.

A lot of the CF hoods out there state that they are for "off road" use only. This is an easy way out for them to not be liable for anything happening because of poor manufactured parts. You always want to make sure you have a secondary catch (hood pins, etc) because CF or fiberglass hoods are much more prone to being blown up and torn off the hinges.

If one of these hoods flys off on the highway there is a possiblity it could fly though someone's windscreen behind you and seriosly injur or kill them. Carbon fiber is very stiff and strong. A big sheet like that is pretty dangerous flying through the air.

If you decide to do it, just make sure it's a good quality one. I know Seibon makes decent stuff, not sure if they make stuff for civic's. Take a look on some of the civic forums, just make sure you get a good one and someone experienced installs it.

Honestly I would just get an oem hood, the weight you are going to save won't gain you much in the long run.
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Default Re: Carbon fiber hood (HCH I)

Back in the days, I like VIS CF hood quality, I don't know who the big players are now when it comes to CF hood. As previously suggested, don't forget the hood pins !
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Default Re: Carbon fiber hood (HCH I)

Originally Posted by IMAhybrid
look into a carbon fiber hood.
What for?
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Default Re: Carbon fiber hood (HCH I)

Originally Posted by ElanC
What for?
They're lighter than stock, although only by about 10 pounds or so for the very strong, reinforced ones that can be used without hood pins. In theory the weight savings can translate into improved vehicle performance of all sorts including fuel economy. Also, due to the extremely high cost of OEM bodywork, often times you can get an aftermarket hood for the same or less money than an OEM steel hood.
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Default Re: Carbon fiber hood (HCH I)

The stock steel hood is part of Honda's engineered "crumple zone" at the front of the car. I would have a serious concern about how the carbon fiber would effect the car's crash-worthiness. Would shards of the CF hood come through the windshield and hit you?
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Default Re: Carbon fiber hood (HCH I)

This may be a stupid question, but can you paint a CF hood? Seems like all the ones I see are still black. I can't tell if they just wanted it that way, can't afford to paint it yet, or the things can't be painted.
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Default Re: Carbon fiber hood (HCH I)

Yes, they can be painted. Certain brands come painted w/ a clear coat, others are just bare carbon/resin. If you don't clear them they will begin to yellow and turn into a mess over a short time. At times i think that they can't afford the hood and paint, because a lot of the time you see cars being driven around with primered body kits (which is dumb, get the thing installed and painted all at one time...instead of having to prep it twice).

People think it's cool to have it showing. These are generally the people who do everything for looks. Carbon is for weight savings, it drives me nuts to see all these stupid "carbon look" interior parts for all the ricers to buy. Whatever floats their boat, but I think it'd kinda dumb.
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