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Old 02-12-2018, 06:42 AM
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Default Civic 2014 IMA Battery vs HCH2 2007

Hello people, I am new to the forum and also with a hybrid car, I just bought a HCH2 07 with 160000 Miles, unique in my country, I bought it from an friend who imported it from Europe, I have an auto repair shop where we do all kinds of jobs and I'm interested in hybrid technology.
The car is in not so good driving and I want to start repairing it.
Now the main problem that I have to solve is that of the batteries, buy a Prolong charger, which has not yet arrived, but I have a question a friend from Miami is offering me a second-hand battery from a 2014 Civic with few miles, Can someone tell me if I can adapt these batteries to my car?
By the way, thank you very much for all the information that you provide in this forum, I am very happy to be able to participate, and any help you can give.
Thank you.
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Old 02-12-2018, 04:57 PM
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Default Re: Civic 2014 IMA Battery vs HCH2 2007

You can only replace your battery with an 06-08. With regular use the Prolong may be able to nurse it back to healthy operation, but it will not "fix" it. You will need to use the Prolong regularly.

Concerning the Prolong process, I recommend you do NOT conduct the 16V discharge. Conduct 1X 106V discharge AFTER a 30 hour charge and conduct 2X 66V discharges AFTER full 30 hour charges each time.

Also, NEVER charge the battery with the IPU lid off. The IPU lid must be in place for the battery cooling system to work.

The 2014 is lithium. It can't be installed or adapted to your car without extensive electrical engineering knowledge specific to Lithium battery operation. You will need an "intercept" computer to manage the battery and then tell the car what it expects to see. It is a HUGE undertaking.
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Default Re: Civic 2014 IMA Battery vs HCH2 2007

Thank you very much S Keith for your response, I will follow your steps.

I have read many of your works and it really seemed very amazing to me.
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