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kenny 06-17-2004 05:27 PM

I bought mine April 3, 2004 in the Los Angeles area.
2004 Honda Civic Hybrid, CVT AT-PZEV.
Price included alloy wheel locks, but no mud flaps or other extras.
No extended warranty, no lojack, no protective coatings or alarm.
Negotiating the initial price was easy.
Spending an hour saying no to all that extra crap was hell.

I paid $19,342 plus tax and license, $21,171.43 after tax and license.
Sticker was $21,290 (20,800 + 490 destination) before tax and license.
So I got it $1948 below sticker.

I got this good price by getting a quote from Autoland.
Then I took this price into a showroom.
They matched it.
Shame on me, I know.
All's fair in Love, and War, and Business.

This price was agreed to a couple weeks prior - just before OPEC announced a cut in production.
I had to wait 2 weeks for a blue one to come in off the boat.
By then the dealer didn't want to honor the price; they said they sold two others at full sticker that day.
The OPEC announcement caused gas prices to spike and created a hybrid feeding frenzy.
My friend liked my car so much she bought one the day after I did, April 4.
She paid $1000 more than I did.
They wouldn't budge.

What did you pay?
5-Speed or CVT?
Did you have to negotiate hard, or are you a wimp? :D
(Post edited, corrected dates and prices, June 19th.)

iwishfor 06-18-2004 04:04 PM

$19,753 ...$23,000, I believe, total out the door after taxes, registration, 100,000 mile extended warranty, and the security alarm system.

It's a CVT AT-PZEV bought in the Los Angeles area on around May 20th. Had to negotiate a bit. The sales guy wouldn't budge on the sticker price seeing how the cars were going fast. The next closest dealership was sold out and didn't know when they'd get anymore. This one just had one left. However, we knew someone that knew the sales manager and it was smooth sailing. ;)

kabel 06-18-2004 07:22 PM

19,500 for the car+destination, list with destination was 21,800 something
Bought May 15,2004.

cvt, mud flaps and lame pinstripes

i went to dealer and they promised me they had one of the opal blue with cvt on lot, and i was going to get it at that price, then after an hour or so they realized it had been sold, so they came back all apologetic and asked what they could do to get me in a HCH.

i told them i wanted a magnesium mettalic with cvt at the same price. they found two in georgia, drove down to get it and had it there for me that night.

I love the grey one, i blend in so well with EX and LX civics. Just today I saw three HCH, two blue and one beige/tan mist whatever color.

Oh, and our salesman was nice enough to include the original dealer invoice which he slipped in the package becuase my wife was worried the price wasn't that good.

The dealer invoice was 19,277.

Did i mention i love my HCH.

Oh, and i did not negotiate, the dealer has an online quote system, and I just told him that was what i would pay.

They also had 4 hch on lot with 5spd, and one white and one beige cvt. Checked today, they haven't had one in a while. :)

Hot_Georgia_2004 06-18-2004 07:29 PM

$18,800 Last January.
That's not including dealer junk fees (etched glass etc), destination etc
Also got free tires and oil changes for as long as I own the car.
(And keep up with scheduled maintenence at thier facility)

mrkcohen 06-19-2004 06:37 AM

$20,712 (including dealer fees and state tax) in late Nov, 2002.

2003, 5 spd. Alloy Wheels, AC, Single CD player, Pwr windows/locks, cruise control all standard. (are they still doing that?)

I'm coming up on 45k miles and I would (will) do it again in a heartbeat.

Although I must admit, with the Toyota model becoming the de facto standard, (Ford and Nissan use the Toyota system) I am leaning towards the Prius II. Or maybe a TDI running bio-diesel. The main thing for me is to stay out of the gas guzzlers.


texashchman 06-21-2004 05:30 AM

17,800 5 speed with window tint and etched glass + dest. and tt&l something like 19600 drive out back in March.

kabel 06-21-2004 03:39 PM

the only reason the toyota is becoming the "standard" is it's wowee techno future appeal and the fact honda underemphasized the hybrid IMA.

Honda's so called "mild hybrid" favours simplicity and reliability in it's construction while the toyota emphasizes the "full hybrid" technology and plays to it's wowee appeal.

Other companies are using the synergy drive concept because they want to realize better city mileage, where suv's have the most trouble. The IMA would not help a larger car to achieve as well in the city due to the fact the synergy drive handles more low end work.

I don't mind. Toyota made their mark by undercutting production and creating a higher demand by trickling cars into the state. Honda satied the hybrid market and underplayed the value by makeing the HCH a normal car.

I would buy the civic again and again if given the choice. The toyota is nifty and neat and all, but i like the car aspect of the civic, and the fact it's a civic, a tried and true line of cars.

lamewing 07-01-2004 07:59 PM

January 30th, 2004.

I paid 19,386.00 for Megume. This was sticker and wasn't the best price I could have gotten. At that price the dealer still made $630.00 on the Honda holdback. I refused to pay for any junk fees.

It is worth noting that I was offered $19,000 for Megume about a week ago.


lakedude 07-29-2004 09:00 PM

Toyota made their mark by undercutting production and creating a higher demand by trickling cars into the state.
I don't think that is a a fair or truthful statement. As far as I know the Prius plant is running full capacity. Lets face it, the Prius is a darn nice hybrid and that alone is why there is high demand. The full blown vs mild hybrid issue is a matter of choice and style, clearly many prefer the Prius.

I'm looking to buy a hybrid and will very likely purchase a HCH but I'm not going to rip on the Prius or the Insight as they are good cars as well.

Elphaba 08-03-2004 08:44 AM

Here in WA the best price I was quoted was $22,909.00. I am so afraid of getting ripped off. (This will be my first brand new car purchase). I can't even get one in the city I live in because they have a 2 - 3 month wait, so I have to drive 60 miles away.

Any advice on getting a better price?

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