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2005 Honda Civic Hybrid IMA battery is reportedly dead . . . >

2005 Honda Civic Hybrid IMA battery is reportedly dead . . .

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2005 Honda Civic Hybrid IMA battery is reportedly dead . . .

Old 01-01-2014, 07:58 AM
Nigel St. Hubbins
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Default 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid IMA battery is reportedly dead . . .

Howdy folks, and a Happy New Year to you!

My first visit to this forum. (Am I even in "the right place"?) I have read through numerous posts concerning the replacement of the IMA battery, but was certain that getting additional information couldn't hurt!

My facts are relatively simply. My 2005 HCH has 99K on the odometer and the IMA and Check Engine lights both went on simultaneously for the first time (to the best of my memory) other day. I have had my HCH dealer-serviced throughout (though over the past 4 years, not the dealer from whom I purchased. There are two facts about my situation that are possibly worth noting:

1. Immediately before the IMA/CE lights going on, the HCH's starter battery was pretty much dead, as a result of the trunk lid having been left ajar. It wouldn't start for a couple of days, and then when the weather warmed up a bit it started without need of a charge or cables. But it was drained to the point where the radio presets needed reprogramming, etc.

2. I reviewed my service records. At about 67K (2010) I reported both sluggishness going up hills and decreased gas mileage (from about 38.5 mpg combined (with about 50% stop and go driving on very local jaunts to 35.5). No cause was found by the dealer. Those events did not seem to occur suddenly, and have not gotten perceptibly worse.

My dealer said the replacement battery would be about $3,200 (unclear whether that included installation), but that he would "talk to Honda" and see if he could get me some help. (Overall, I have been happy with the service I have received.) I did not signal any commitment to getting a new battery installed by the dealer. I neglected to ask him the "what if" question, i.e., I just keep running the car with the lights on (though I get that even if this were feasible, it is still dangerous given that it essentially negates the check engine light).

Does anyone have any thoughts that might ease my plight or should otherwise consider based on the scenario I have described?

Also, has anyone done business with the aftermarket hybrid battery business, Bumblebee Batteries? I would consider a non-factory replacement if it would save me significant money and/or would provide a better product. I would definitely not be thinking about performing the replacement myself, and am uncertain about the logistics, given that they are in Portland, OR and I'm in Silver Spring, Maryland. (I was not very impressed that the links to their FAQs on the Bumblebee website — which appeared to address the logistical issue — did not function when I tried them this morning, despite trying a couple of different browsers.)

Any advice that you have would be much appreciated!

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Default Re: 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid IMA battery is reportedly dead . . .

I have heard good things about Bumblebee and will consider them on my replacement. Mine luckily has gone 146,000 miles before I had the dreaded light come on. Many people say the trickle charge systems help them out to preserve their batteries and I have not looked into that to help. Mine seems to be on the edge of bad since I can disconnect the battery clear the memory and drive it daily with the light not coming back on. However, if I leave for about 4 days to a week and let the car set as soon as I begin my daily commutes it pops back on again and gives me the IMA.

I have not had the issues with the MPG you have though mine is till doing great in that area and shutsdown at the lights normally.

Now since yours has less than 100,000 you may still have clout with your dealer to get it replaced for free from what I read. You may have to apply a lot of pressure to the service departmetn and get a line to corporate to get them to finally do this. I hear they pull your chain, offer discounts to the service and go lower until it seems there is a certain threat people make to get them to do it under a recall/tsb/class action lawsuit or something. Look through the site and find HCH for your issues read a lot and you will find what you may need. Do not go over the 100,000 until then.

Others may offer better advice and clarify areas I am not completely clear on. Go over to that area of this board and you will have an audience to help.

Hey and give me some feed back on your LRR tires you have on your car over there on my poll to help me out too. It has a comments area below too. Its at the HCH (Honda Civic Hybrid) board

Good Luck!!
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