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The cost of going fast

Old 10-02-2005, 05:03 PM
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Default The cost of going fast

It's always bothered me that many articles featuring "gas-saving tips" completely omit the value of not going so fast on the freeway or interstate. Today I have read an article that quantifies the cost of going fast in a way I had not seen before, and that I think is very effective.

Basically, it states that it costs you 21 cents more per gallon for every 5 mph you drive over 60 mph, based on paying $3.08 per gallon.

That means that if you are going 70 mph, you are really paying $3.50 per gallon. At 80 mph, you are paying $3.92 per gallon. At 85 mph, you are paying over $4.10 per gallon.

I think this puts it all into a language that everybody can understand.
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Default Re: The cost of going fast

not to forget to mention that slowing down reduces carbon emissions and saves lives.
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Default Re: The cost of going fast

And doesn't embed thousands of bugs onto the front end. I swear, the bugs out here in AZ must eat superglue...
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Default Re: The cost of going fast

Well it doesn't actually cost you any more in terms of dollars per gallon, it's just a higher cost in terms of cents per mile. Fact is, most folks really care only enough to complain about it, but not enough to change their ways or do the math and know exactly how much extra it's going to cost them to drive faster or drive an inefficient vehicle. I place a very high value on my time, so by driving a highly efficient vehicle, I have the freedom to drive full speed or a little over the limit on the highway and still maintain a cost per mile better than any truck or SUV could ever hope for, even if they slowed to 35mph.
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Default Re: The cost of going fast

With gas under $3.00 per. gallon here. The Hummers, SUV's and Pickups have came back on the roads in there normal numbers. Gone are the junk yard Geo's with no bumper covers. Toyotas and Hondas that where pulled from salvage yards with there doors caved in and so on. Normal speeds range from 70mph to 85mph on Hwy 75 going into Tulsa. If the $90.00 or $100.00 dollar fill up is back down to $70.00 or $90.00 then I guess there ok with it.

Most people look at a bottom line in fuel cost and dont bother with the over all picture. Since buying the Accord and starting to carpool with the wife for our daily drive. We have seen our gas bill drop more than in half. The Ranger is parked unless it has to be driven has been great!
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