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How much has your hybrid saved you?

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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

We were getting about 12-13 mpg with our Jeep Commander Hemi. Fuel was costing us more than $300/mo at around $3.60/gal. Have had the HCH for exactly one month. Got 43+ mpg on the first tank (mostly in town driving) and still have half a tank left since filling it myself. We've burned about 15 gals this month since leasing the car at a cost of less than $60. So gas savings alone are over $240/mo. The difference between the Jeep payment of $451 to the HCH's lease payment of $200 and there's another $251 in savings. Looking at close to $500/mo in savings total and only have a two year commitment instead of another 4 plus years on the Jeep.
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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

I was driving a 94 Mitsubishi Eclipse and was driving for mileage - lot of coasting, engine off at lights, etc so I was getting about 35 mpg. My 08' HCH2 5 th tank did 54 mpg so my math says I'll save $50 month. I got the car at a good price and that math says at $3.75/gal I'll break even at about 3.5 years. Now as gas goes to $4, $5/gal. I'll be even better off. And I'm greener.

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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

I'm in the hole big time. Went from riding a bike to work to having to buy a car, insurance, gas, and everything else that comes with owning the car. So negative savings here. ;-)
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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

My forumla is kind of complicated, I went from driving a 1996 Accord with 8-12 gallona a week AND 1999 Ford ranger about 14 gallons a week. For about 1220 per year fuel used.

I bought the Hybrid, AND moved closer to work and town so, in the last year I have used 15 tanks in the HCHII & 4 tanks of e-85 in the truck.
You could say my gas usage amounted to about 158 gallons in the last year (150 Civic & 8.5 truck @ 85% ethonol)
You do remember me saying it was complicated dont you?

By my estimate, based on todays prices, in my old lifestyle I would have consumed $4,501.80 (1220X$3.63) in fuel, using my new lifestyle I am using $544.50 in gas and $189.84 in e-85 (56X $3.39) for $734.34 a year....so, I am saving $3,767,16 in fuel a year as of TODAYS numbers or about $314 a month.

Kinda takes the steam out of the two theories you have to drive a hybrid a million miles a year to break even and it takes years for them to pay for themselves...My expectation was never for the car to pay for itself, my intent was to buy the house I wanted, in an area I wanted to live in as well as the car I wanted without compromise...I have succeded in both fronts as my house is superinsulated, my applances are energy star and my car is less poluting and less fuel dependant and my truck, for the little I drive it burns 15% gas.
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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

The old Camry got 32 MPG and the Prius gets 52 MPG:

50,000 miles / 32 MPG -> 1,562 gal.
50,000 miles / 52 MPG -> 961 gal.

600 gallons saved @$2.50/gal. estimated fuel cost past 2.5 years

$1,500 fuel savings
~60 trips to gas station not taken

We had considered the Scion xB as the alternative to the Prius but it also gets only 32 MPG. Then there is a quality of life ... a quite ride without fuel concerns.

Bob Wilson
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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

i went from a honda crv, at about 22mpg, to my HCH-I, with a lifetime of 54.

assuming i drove the CRV as much as the hch, which is 75,000 miles (i have recently shortened my commute, thank goodness), the difference in the FE of the two......and assuming an average price of 3.50/gallon, over the 2-1/2 years i have owned the HCH, it saved me $7846........in gasoline.
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Smile Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

at $2.00 a gallon, about $170 per month. just finished paying the insight off at $152 per month. even at those "old" gas prices, the car paid for itself AND 1/2 the gas it used! couldn't be happier!
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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

I think driving the hybrids have saved me at least one speeding ticket a year which has got to be about $200 in savings now, not to mention the impact on my car insurance .

Seriously though, between the two hybrids, we are saving about $900 in gas a year (we don't drive much), and we have received almost $10,000 in tax credits. Needless to say, buying the hybrids was a win/win in my book!
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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

Over last 14 months, 25k miles, spent less on:

Fuel: $3.50 x 25,000 x (1/25mpg - 1/55mpg) = $1906. Also a few $ hundred not driving our minivan.

Less snacks/sodas at the 2x/week fillups. Now can wait 10-14 days and plan to go to same station/pump.
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Talking Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

Originally Posted by liderbug View Post
And I'm greener. :shade
Maybe, but you're a liderbug!

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