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How much has your hybrid saved you?

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Cool Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

Originally Posted by jpjpjpjpjp View Post
I'm all for buying hybrids for environmental reasons. But fact is, unless you drive far more than the average person, the economics doesn't work out for hybrids...yet. Either the price of oil needs to go higher, or the cost of hybrids needs to go lower for this to become a good investment.
Open up the following two links in separate windows for side-by-side comparison:
smart fortwo cdi (my previous car)
Honda Civic Hybrid-II

The above represents stats for the first 10 months of ownership of both vehicles. While the smart fortwo cdi comes out more efficient at face value, I find myself driving much less now than before. There is no more "just for kicks" kind of driving that a cute and unique car like that promotes. The rise in price of fuel means that I'm spending 8.5% more today than three years ago. But now I'm producing half a Metric tonne less of CO2 and 9% less overall fuel consumption. Other savings with the hybrid: Half as many refills; Improved driver confidence and satisfaction; More capacity; More than double the horsepower but 50% more torque; Much more enjoyable in-car experience; Privileged parking spots for hybrids; Maintenance costs cut by over 75%; And, 100% reduction in follow-up visits to the Service Centre.

If I had purchased a more conventional compact car instead of the smart, then I estimate that my mostly city driving would cost 40% less in the hybrid.
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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

18000 miles a year. 545 at 18 mpg or HCH II at 53 mpg.

545 - 1000 gallons HCH - 340 gallons

Savings - $1980 or $165 a month. Now at $4 - $2840

The payment savings (lease on 545 vs buy on HCH) is more like $300 a month. TCO is more like $800 a month savings.
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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

I've had my FEH since November 2007. Since then I've saved about $330 overall. My car payment is more than my old payment. I've saved money on insurance, gas, and oil changes so far. Not taking the car payments into consideration I've saved over $800, nearly $700 just in gas.

I'm about to get my car refinanced. The Ford dealership screwed up my credit rating temporarily so I got a much higher interest rate when I went back to my credit union. After I do that I'll be saving even more.
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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

I bought my HCH in 2005. Prior to that I drove my Dodge Dakota pickup. Dodge mileage is about 16.5 mpg. Lifetime mileage on Civic is 55.7mpg. I have about 65,000 miles on my Civic. If I assume an average of $3.00 a gal for gas that works out to about $8300.00 in savings. It is realy more than that because I was going to trade the truck for an Escalade!

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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

About $200 a month since gas has gone up. Bought FEH in May 07 so far $2500. Hybrid penalty ?
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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

Originally Posted by Flexus View Post
How much do you figure you save monthly by owning a hybrid as compared to your previous vehicle?
Here's a different answer: Because we bought a hybrid, I started reading this forum. Because I started reading this forum, I learned about things like the ScanGaugeII, tricks/techniques for stretching mileage and got curious to see how much I could improve FE in my conventional Explorer.

With ScanGauge-guided 'agressive coasting' I think I may have bumped up from 15 1/2 - 16 mpg up towards 20, yielding a fuel reduction of just over 100 gal / year. Today's fillup was $4.15/gal. I'm on track to pay for the ScanGauge in under 5 months, and hope to save > $400 year -- in my non-hybrid -- because of the hybrid. 8*)

Benton 7jun08
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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

I've had the FEH FWD since October 2006. According to my spreadsheet we have saved $1,956 in gas alone (716 gallons saved). This is based on an estimate of 21mpg for the 2005 6cyl Escape we traded in, which is probably on the high side.

-- Rick

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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

Hi ,
I have an Estima Hybrid and save about 500 to 600 litres per year. That saves about NZ$1000 per year. Pay back would be about 8 to 10 years at that rate but thats not the point for me.
Mark v

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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

Spaceship - That's the spirit . I had a chance to visit your beautiful country this past February and I had a terrific time. I was very impressed with the selection of organic foods, wines, etc. I spent time on the north and south islands and I am looking forward to another visit someday.


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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

It's funny reading thru this thread and seeing that just a couple months ago people were using $3.50/gal for their calculations. Here in Cali even the no-name discount 87 octane is about $4.50/ making the "savings" even greater. We just took the HCH to San Jose and averaged 55+ mpg with two adults, two kids, some stuff in the trunk, AC on and 85+ degree outside temps. Did keep the speed under 60 to get that mileage, but it only added 10 mins to the trip. Pretty sure bet that at the end of the 2 year lease we're gonna buy the car!

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