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How much has your hybrid saved you?

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Talking Saturn Vue Hybrid Savings $2850, 26,182 pounds of CO2 avoided and 100+ less fill-ups

As someone who use to post on the website regularly, I was surprised to see an update on this thread about a month ago in my email box.
That prompted me to post my results from my 2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid.
I purchased my 2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid in November 2006 - 12+ years later here are the results and my cost savings:

Back in 2006 I looked at the Saturn Regular 4 cyl Vue versus the Saturn Hybrid Vue.
The Hybrid Vue was $2,250 more than the regular Vue - less a $650 tax credit making the initial extra cost for the Hybrid $1,600 more.
The Hybrid Saturn Vue gets 5 mpg better than the regular Vue as per previous posters and the EPA MPG results.
In 12 + years I have driven the Hybrid Vue I have traveled 251,764 miles using 8053.2 gallons for a lifetime average of 31.263 mpg. (I have attached MPG spreadsheet to this post. Yes I updated the spreadsheet on every fill-up for 12 years.)
At a 5 mpg increase over the regular Vue that translates into 1,550.9 gallons saved or $4,351.09 saved.The numbers were calculated based upon each fill-up.
In addition, the Kelly Blue Book value of the Hybrid Vue as of October 2018 is worth $99 more today over the regular Vue.

Gas savings $4,351.09 + KBB Value $99 - $1,600 additional cost = My Hybrid Saturn Vue has saved me $2,850.09 over a regular Vue.

In addition, to saving 1,550.9 gallons of fuel that translates into 79.5 crude barrels of Oil Saved or 26,182.9 CO2 pounds avoided.
(I found a statement on the web long ago that stated - 1 Barrel of Oil Produces 19.5 gallons of gasoline and other by products and the calculation for CO2 savings.)

By saving 1,550+ gallons of gas - I have not had to fill-up an additional 100+ times based upon a 15 gallon fill-up of the 16.1 gallon tank.

As for Hybrid batteries - I have had three different sets of Batteries and all have been covered under the manufacture warranty. Zero extra cost to me.
Mechanical savings - I have had one brake job in the 12+ years with Saturn's regenerative breaking and no transmission issues. I have had to purchase two sets of low resistance rolling tires which I replaced at 100k and 191k. The current set of tires has 64K on them and will be replaced soon. They did not wear as well, but that maybe due to the fact that I have never changed the struts or the shock absorbers in the 12 years of the vehicle. The cost of the low resistant tires was similar to regular tires. All other costs were due to regular maintenance of the vehicle. My oil changes have averaged between 8k and 12k in between changes.

The summary of purchasing a Hybrid Vue over a Saturn Vue are as follows:
  • Hybrid Savings $2,850+
  • 26,182+ pounds of CO2 avoided
  • 100+ less fill-ups
Plus, I have one of the few remaining Saturn Hybrid Vue's on the road (people still come up to the car and ask questions is this really a Hybrid = cool factor). A quick summary is that the Saturn Vue Hybrid is a mild BAS Hybrid that does regenerative breaking, turns off automatically at lights and stops signs to save gas and adds electric assistance when driving.

By the way, are there any other Saturn Hybrid Vue owners who have reached 250K and have a lifetime average over 30 mpg? I have yet come across anyone and would love to hear from them.
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Default Re: How much has your hybrid saved you?

Happy New Year.
Some of what appears to be fuzzy math in the thread but still an interesting read. It looks like most Hybrid owners are making Bank man! just need a bigger truck!
In the midst of a recession, two farmers get together and come up with a way to improve their sales. They will collect watermelons from all the surrounding farms, pay the farmers 50 cents per melon, and then sell them at local markets in the area. They rent a truck, drive out to several farms and load up the truck with the watermelons they purchase.

Next, they drive to the big city, some 400 miles away. At the market, they sell the melons, 2 for $1.

It doesn't take long for them to sell the entire truckload.

On the way home one farmer says to the other, "You know, we really didn't make too much money. How do you figure it?"
The other one answers, "We gotta get a bigger truck.
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