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Hypermilers - Post SAFE High FE Driving Tips

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Default Re: Hypermilers - Post SAFE High FE Driving Tips

Originally Posted by chiedoziedike View Post

scm2000: You still don't understand my post and I don't feel like explaining myself anymore. I am glad you enjoy your Prius, but your comment is sort of porous. How could you claim you get better than EPA estimates if you are only getting 50-55mpg ...Let me remind you that the OLD EPA estimate for the Prius is 60mpg. As for the TCH, the OLD EPA estimate is 40mpg....I am not trying to knock your car or act like I know it all. You have your techniques, I have mine. I still can't find any of your posts contributing to this thread, instead, your goal has been to deride my comments.
You do not need to explain any more, I do understand what you posted. Your technique involves accellerating to 80mph in a 55-65mph zone, then decelerating to 65mph where you hold it.

As for me, I said I got 58.6mpg on my last tank, which was combinded city/highway 50/50, the EPA estimate for combined on a 2007 Prius is 55mpg, 58.6 is greater than 55. The 50-55mpg figure was for highway only and that beats the EPA most of the time since the EPA for highway is 51mpg.

And I did contribute to this thread. I said drive the speed limit with nothing fancy, and I should have added drive conservitively and you should get great FE, in my case better than the EPA sticker. By driving conservitively I get over 75mpg in city driving where the EPA says 60mpg, though I do not have a whole tank of citiy driving do document that.

I'm sorry that you take it as derision when someone points out that speeding is dangerous. I do not care if you speed, I was responding to the fact that the thread was about safe teqniques. You may not belive it but I am sorry if I offended you and I appoligize if even my sumary of your technique in my first paragraph here is incorrect.

Since you have said that you will not discuss this with me any more, I will also not reply to any more of your posts in this thread.
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Default Re: Hypermilers - Post SAFE High FE Driving Tips

Actually this "discussion" has been very useful because it demonstrates that it's impossible to agree on safe techniques that significantly improve FE. People have vastly different opinions on what is safe and on what constitutes a significant improvement in FE - and worse yet an individual's opinions in both areas may change with time and experience. I know mine have.
IMO the best approach is that used on cleanmpg dot com (is it OK to refer to them here?). They simply lay out a menu of different techniques for people to try. And emphasize that the methods should be tested in a safe, traffic-free location the first few times!! People can decide for themselves how safe the techniques are and how well each works on their particular vehicle for their particular driving program. Simple, no fuss.

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Default Re: Hypermilers - Post SAFE High FE Driving Tips


Well I don't plan on cutting off the a/c anytime soon. I live in NM after all. But I have found that people are not esp discriminating where they turn this on. In fact, all during the summer have their a/cs at the highest point. Since we have cool mornings and evenings, I don't use the a/c. I keep the a/c at the lowest point possible. I have always done this, even before I was a hypermiler (born again). If you actually *think* about when you turn it on, you probably won't use it as much.

I will get new tires that i feel comfortable over-inflating slightly, but it won't be extreme. Maybe 2-3 psi more than required. This seems safe, and keeps them up and over the minimum and aware that keeping them low is bad all the way around and probably more dangerous. Most people don't think twice about letting them get too low.

I think hypermiling is fun. It is challenging in a way like playing a sport or doing Suduku. You get to know your car and your route and so forth. Where is the stop and how long is the light? etc.

I think I was a always a bit of one as i have always been a careful driver, going within the speed limit (as well as the a/c thing). The newer techniques just allow me to do certain things to help things along.
If I come to an incredibly long light (and I know which these are) I will turn the car off. And if I see a red light coming there is no reason for me to wait til the very last second to start stopping. I think your brakes will actually last longer this way.

If you want to get 39 miles per gallon on your hybrid, hey who wants to stop you. Except, I just am getting almost that on my Corolla with just the most limited techniques that would be characterized as safe careful driving. I will never do crazy things like drafting, etc. I actually dislike driving next to semis, regardless and will probably continue to hate it. And I don't want to suffer in my car going without the a/c after it has sat in the sun all day in 90 degree heat. I also sometimes go less than the speed limit on the highway. I think it is safe in certain cases, for instance if there is a slow lane with light traffic. No one cares. Sometimes the supposed slow lane doesn't really exist. I have also found this true, esp during rush hour. I would not take my chances. I would just go at a speed that keeps me within the range of other traffic. A lot of times people pass my in a rush and i end up seeing them down the street later on.

I think some of the techniques are a little extreme. I think like a sport some people get very much into it. I don't consider it sad, like I don't consider snowboarding or parachute jumping or scuba sad. If there is ego in it it is just like everything else known to humans.

I think the gauges in a hybrid have encouraged some techniques and i think that's why they got there. Why do you have a miles per gal or when the battery is more assisted if it is not to really use those gauges?? So yes, i actually think they *were* built for some moderate degree of hypermiling. Consider the gauges as biofeedback to correct and give you feedback on your driving behavior. I don't think they are really there to look cool. But the degree to which you use and understand them is up to you.

Greenhybrid is not mostly about hypermiling. That would be cleanmpg.com. Dont' go there or you'd get really ticked. I haven't read too much here on this subject. But I do know there are avid hypermilers here.


Originally Posted by tomdavie View Post

thanks for the new info regarding the tire pressure. I will bump mine up to 3 psi below max sidewall. That seems reasonalbe. NOT to what some of these jokers bump it up to however.

i will NOT bring apparatus in my car like wet towels and ice just so i dont put the AC on. I will NOT spend my waking hours obsessed with being able to post the best MPG on this site or lose sight of the fact it ALREADY gets much better mileage than a regular gas car. Can we just get on with our lives without going way overboard?

To the casual observer, going crazy on the MPG to the point of where it starts to really look ridiculous actually cheapens the site as average folks cant relate to it, and conclude we are a 'fringe group' of obsessed freaks.

My hope was to promote the benefits of the hybrid, as a normal american would enjoy it, so that more and more of us will switch to hybrids.

I didnt come here to become part of some cult that goes to ridiculous lengths to embellish MPG to the point where nothing else in life matters.

Boasting MPG numbers that are 'dubious' at best, obscure scenerios, and outright bragging about ridiculous technics does not help our cause. Its done to showcase the egos of those involved -which saddens me

Helium in the tires???? cmon man..........

Automakers no doubt read our blog , eagerly seeking what the real world MPG is on their vehicles. They end up having to take it with a 'large margin' grain of salt when they see the ridiculous lengths these guys go to to 'put up numbers' like its a contest or something. They are not interested in obscure scenerio trumped up numbers that wont be realistically duplicated in normal situation driving.

Do you honestly believe toyota or honda is going to start handing out wet towels and ice -instead of AC -on their cars. Not very constructive a suggestion huh......

Even if the 'technics' can be taught, americans are not going to spend all this time 'relearing' how to drive to milk an extra mpg out of their car, and if they do -they will just use the new skills in their gas cars, defeating the purpose of driving a hybrid, as their 'state of the art' training will reap them better mileage in their gas cars. So why shell out the extra expense of the hybrid?

Do you now honestly expect honda and toyota to now include classes on how to 'pulse and glide' -instead of just drive the **** car?

Average americans come to this site , looking to get better mpg , and help the enviroment and foreign oil. They then are aghast to see hybrid drivers talking some 'funky' language about wholesale changes in driving and tire pressure and all this crap -when all they wanna do is buy a new car.

Didnt we purchase the hybrid for the enviroment? We all know the price was trumped up so that we have to drive about 100k miles to make up the diff in gas savings.

Automakers , nor consumers can take these overinflated numbers seriously as what an average consumer would do. I guess im asking for too much for all of us just to drive the **** things and report what we get as 'real world' without all the ego feeding ridiculous gyrations.

There are good common sense suggestions here to help the MPG slightly. However, there is also a bunch of nonsense and ego feeding going on that is turning off americans from buying a hybrid. This cheapens the site and takes away from the benefits that are here.

just my .02.

srry for the rant -it has been building up for some time now.
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Default Re: Hypermilers - Post SAFE High FE Driving Tips

Interesting discussion going on here, and I can tell the passion most of you seem to have for your vehicles, getting good mpgs, saving the planet, whatever. . .

I have just begun reading a lot of information about hybrids and hybrid technology, so I am on the very front edge of this learning curve. On Monday I will trade in my beloved 2006 Honda Ridgeline with 113000 miles for a 2005 Accord Hybrid with 169000 miles on it. I've driven the car and I'm aware of some of the issues that plagued many of these cars, and I will say that it looks and drives beautifully--as well I'd say as my Ridgeline!

The reason I'm going with the swap is because at around 30 mpg combined with the HAH, it will double the 15 mpgs I'm getting in my Ridgeline. I found this thread because I've seen some references to this 'hypermiling' concept and thought I'd see what the magic was. Turns out these are many of the same techniques I've been using to get the FE up from the 12 range to the 15 range in my truck. I guess my problem was that because I ENJOY driving my truck (the power of that 3.5 v6 is just wonderful, buttery smoothness. . .) I had developed all the bad driving habits that are mentioned here by so many of you. Now that I'm back in outside sales and getting a mileage allowance for my car, I want to have money left over each month to take care of maintenance and wear & tear of my car, which is not happening in my Ridgeline! Last month, my first full month on the job, I drove about 2050 miles and spent $580 in fuel. This was using most of these hypermiling techinques to get it even that good, which is obviously not good enough. Funny thing, though, is that where some of you are mentioning how 'fun' it is doing these techniques, I felt the same way in my Ridgeline as my attitude shifted from 'enjoying' my truck to 'enjoying' the FE aspect of it and just slowing down and letting all the fools have their way.

Anyway, I look forward to learning more on this site once I pick up my Accord. Even from you people on the fringe!

BTW--I'm paying $8700 for the HAH and with about $2000 equity from trading in the Ridgeline, I'm only financing $6700 for 24 months through my credit union. Thought I'd throw that in there as some of y'all will wonder why I'm ponying up for a hybrid for only 15 mpgs. . .my two year calculations put me saving approx $325/month compared to what I'm currently spending on the Ridge. After that, it'll go up closer to $600/month, which will allow me to seriously save up for what will probably be some big maintenance items around that time (IMA battery, etc. . .) Still worth it IMHO!
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Default Re: Hypermilers - Post SAFE High FE Driving Tips

Salesrep, I don't want to rain on anyone's parade but a couple of things I'd like to toss out there. I bought my Camry hybrid and loved it...thought it was the best car ever. Then I sold it a few months later due to extenuating circumstances but still thought it was a great car. I hypermiled it everywhere and it wasn't really fun hypermiling it. My goal was high mpgs and I got 40 -44 out of it consistently. Fast forward 2 years...I bought a VW Golf diesel 5 speed. Holy cow! That cars gets 46 mpg driving it like a wild man and 54 if I hypermile it. I like it a lot and use it to drive my 3000 - 4000 miles each month with my job. Has 300k miles on it and still worth $4500. My wife liked ot too so we bought a 2010 VW Jetta TDI diesel. I like this as a fancy car with similar electronic gizmos better than the Camry. Driving it like a mad man I get 35 and hypermiling it I get 44. Just putting that out there & probalbly will get flamed but that's my expierence. I still like hybrids but these diesel cars are much cooler & more torque than the hybrids. Good luck with it.

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