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improving MPG on hybrid

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Default improving MPG on hybrid

05 Ford AWD escape. Besides hypermiling etc has anyone found a way to have the comptr reprogramed or added a flow spacer for better gas milage,or used a plugin MPG extender I have switched to full synthetic oil and a K n N air filter and p/u 1-2 mpg. I dont want to start tearing the motor or is it an engine (elect./gas) apart, or spend thousands as in Calf. mods
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Default Re: improving MPG on hybrid

Check your air filter about once a month, shut off the AC and open your windows it can helps in this issue. I think check your tire pressure every few times you fill up, change your car oil and maintain your car regular basis.
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Default Re: improving MPG on hybrid

The way you drive is a big factor.
- Obviously "putting your foot into it" will not help.
- Hypermiling may help around town but becomes a PITA on long road trips. For instane coasting in NEUTRAL will drop the RPM's in my Tahoe Hybrid by 500 but if I do not time the return to DRIVE mode at the bottom of the hill I will lose speed and the cruise will have to accelerate to resume the desired speed up the next hill. In addition I lose the charging function of the Hybrid battery while coasting. So the electric motor is not available to assist in Hybrid mode as long when needed. I've found it more efficient on long trips if I just set the cruise and forget hypermiling.
- Driving at a lower speed may help...but then on a long trip you are on driving for a longer time.
- Driving with the AC OFF may help MPG slightly IF the AC compressor is engine driven....however in my Tahoe Hybrid the AC & heater are electric so there is NO gain with it OFF.
NOTE: making sure the AC is fully charged will make it run more efficiently.
- Additionally if you open the windows there is a loss in aerodynamics and you lose MPG.

Routine maintainance helps:
- a good low viscosity full synthetic oil. Mobil 1 or AMSOIL every 4,000 miles.
- Synthetic ATF
- Synthetic Diff fluid
- frequent air filter change
- use a good quality gas
- fuel system cleaner or conditioner every 10,000 miles. I prefer Chevron.
- make sure ECU is at optimum tune within OEM specs
- tire pressure to OEM specs, check frequently especially with temperature change
- low rolling resistance tires
- consider changing to Silver tipped sparkplugs and race ignition wires at tune up.
- new O2 sensors every 25,000 miles
- Coolant conditioner
- make sure radiatoir screening is clean and has NO obstructions like paper or styrofoam debris, etc.
- keep car clean and waxed. (better aero)

Performance enhancements:
- performance air intake including cold air box, non-oiled low resistance high flow air filter, pre filter, high flow intake tube.
- ported and polished throttle body
- PCV oil catch can
- performance CAT back exhaust
- Hi Flo CATS
- headers
- port match intake manifold and head inlet ports
- port & polish heads
- HHO installation
- Acetone as a fuel additive. Some advocate, some debunk as BS. Some say damages fuel system componants if used in excess. I would say just use a fuel system cleaner/conditioner every 10,000 miles (Chevron)
- Teflon oil additives. +/-. I would recommend just using a good full synthetic oil. Mobil 1 has just come out with a new full synthetic racing oil WITH anti frictioin additives., There are other race oils with anti friction additives....both are expensive however.
- performance Throttle Body
- performance intake manifold
- performance water pump
- 180 degree TStat
- Waterless race coolant
- reduce weight of vehicle as much as possible, for example; remove 3rd row seating if not used. remove unnecessary OEM resonator.

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