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Mileage Database Awards

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I've begun development of the Mileage Database Awards page. Here's what I have so far: https://www.greenhybrid.com/compare/mileage/awards.php

I plan to have (separated by car) best average mileage, farthest distance on tank, and best tank.

Any suggestions?
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Hi Jason:

___Great first effort for sure!

___I would like to see a bit more dynamism for future data and reference myself. If you could give Ercibecky and Hot_Georgia_2004 the ability to add and remove bio’s and the individual accomplishment in a “Driver of the Month” section, I think that would be really neat. You wouldn’t have to do the work all by yourself as you currently do now …

___Consider something like the following:


___This month’s “Driver of the Month” selection goes out to Rick Reece and his Honda Insight 5-speed called “Flipper”. He has not only recorded (2) 1,000 mile tanks already this year, his lifetime 90.2 mpg over 90,200 miles speaks volumes as to his abilities! Rick is known throughout the Honda Insight community as one of the most fuel efficient drivers on the planet. His daily/weekly drive consists of an ~ 1,000 mile round trip commute. He uses a throttle clamp and drives with load to accomplish his string of mileage record after record runs … His 2000 Honda Insight is modified with an onboard computer, GPS, Donnelly mirror w/ temperature and direction, Husco armrest … He enjoys driving (who would have thought ) and looks forward to the next high mileage automobile coming from whomever and from wherever. He currently has a 2004 Toyota Prius w/ pkg. 9 on order and owns not only an 01 THS Prius w/ a lmpg of 50.x mpg but also owns a classic high mileage automobile in the 1995 Honda Civic VX (one of the highest mileage automobiles of its day) in his stable of high mileage transportation …

___Congratulations and Great job for becoming our first ever “Driver of the Month” here at GreenHybrid.com.

___Honorable mentions this month go out to Hot_Georgia_2004 and his Honda Civic Hybrid CVT named “Sparky” for the highest recorded average in an HCH at an amazing 55.8 mpg! Krousdb is being honored for his astounding tank to tank average of 70.8 mpg over 731 miles earlier this month in his 2004 Toyota Prius named “EMAXX”. That is one of the highest tank to tank averages recorded we have ever heard of! We would be remiss not to include TucsonPrius in his 2004 Toyota Prius named as hard as it is to believe, “TucsonPrius” for pulling up the bootstraps and hitting a nice string of high averages making him the highest mileage average Prius driver registered here at GreenHybrid with a 54.1 lmpg.

___Finally, how can we forget the non-Hybrid drivers … Stevo12886’s and his 20xx MY Corolla named “Flower” had a meteoric fuel economy climb after asking a few questions and modifying his driving techniques, style, and automobile just enough to move from his daily average in the low 20’s all the way to the low 30’s in just a 2 tanks! To bad there wasn’t more out there like him as our dependence on foreign oil supplies would be severely curtailed overnight!

___Congratulations go out to not only Rick as “Driver of the Month”, all of our honorable mentions, but our entire membership for keeping there tanks up to date as it takes more then just a light foot on the pedal for a single segment to segment drive to know you are doing your part.

___Here at GreenHybrid, we consider this more then just a change in driving technique or slight modification to ones automobile, we consider it a lifestyle change and hopefully with that, we are all making a difference to change the daily headlines from negative to positive and our children’s children’s future can only become that much brighter because of it.

___Good Luck to you all and happy motoring.

___Jason …


___Linking back to the real mileage database with all of the drivers and the details above and possibly even throwing up a new and different style of graph showing Rick’s lifetime accomplishments as “Driver of the month” would make it not only interesting but would grab the attention of the reader so he or she may want to come back next month to see the next driver and the story of his or her accomplishments. You would change the “Driver of the month” to someone else with a bit less of an accomplishment each and every time so as to keep the “Driver of the Month” fresh with new drivers, new automobiles, and new techniques and/or ideas … Add a link(s) on the home page to distinguish the “Lifetime Mileage Database” and the “Driver of the Month” apart from the articles, forums, etc. ... Maybe even add a thumbnail or slightly larger pic of the automobile and/or driver as a headline grabber. I added a small section on personal philosophy for you that you may or may not want to consider as well but there has to be a reason most here are driving Hybrid’s or using the techniques to maximize their fuel economy.

___Oh, and don’t forget to back up that mileage database as that would really ruin yours as well as many others day if they had to enter in all of that data again … I don’t think they/we would given the time and effort it took to get it all in there in the first place for many of us …

___Just a few thoughts anyway???

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email protected]
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I sure hate to know what you consider a _long_ rant.
Thanks for the ideas. I think you definitely have some great input for GreenHybrid and I'll take it seriously. There are a couple things I'd like to do differently than how you mentioned for various reasons, but keep in mind that the page is not yet completed and takes a bit to code.

I'll keep ya'll updated.
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i think that doing writeups like that would really make it more interesting. it gives the drivers more of a personality, not just numbers on a table. rotating it around to not just the best drivers, but to have it more as a "random" honor, to introduce more the drivers behind the wheels. i think it could really draw people to the site like you said.

thanx xcel...lol, cant wait till i can put some 5W30 in instead of the 10W30.
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I'll definitely be doing that, but will also have the dynamic records on a page. It's taking me some time to do, though, and today has been a busy day. Soon.
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