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The most efficient of the Hybrids...

Old 06-09-2004, 01:56 AM
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I'm thinking even one step further. What if you could better plan where work and home is located?

I know this is a really long-term idea, but I'm sure that if whoever decides where industries are located keep in mind that it should also be possible to live closeby, then both emissions and quality of life would be improved.

To emphasize what I mean: Nature prefers a five-minute commute in a Hummer instead of a one-hour commute in a Prius. I even dare to say that an individuals emissions are more important to measure than mpg.

Personally, I try to drive my Prius as little as possible. Walking, biking and taking the tram is often the better choice where I live.
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Emissions is more important than fuel economy until fuel runs out Then we're in for a big scare.
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Hi Johanerlandsson:

___Yes, it is. Telecommuting is the best option but Power plants unfortunately canít be run by the physical guys from distance unfortunately My wife sometimes does telecommute which is very nice when she can.

___Besides combining trips to the store and back etc Ö I can sometimes trade into a 16 hour shift, stay at work overnight for 8 hours rest, and knock out the next shift. In other words, I am able to knock out (3) 8 hour shifts with one drive and I see this as the next logical step to reduce our dependence on that addiction called oil in the short term. There are any number of great 10 and 12 hour schedules (4 -10ís or 3 day/4 day 12ís) we have to choose from and with a little flexibility from the employers, most of the US working class could fit into one with little to no concern thus saving a tremendous amount of fuel.

___The only problem with this is that most of us donít usually stay at home on our days off Except for those of us that type into the automobile forums for hours on end that is

___In regards to fuel economy or emissions, global warming has to be a concern here and driving any amount adds to that problem as well.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
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Lol...this thread really took off. I was mainly meaning that per occupant the Prius II burns less gas per mile than anyother hybrid. Anyway...those are some very good points on saving stuff. I am discruntled at the utter lack of Honda and Toyota vehicles on that list...how hard could it be? Hopefully with Toyota's new partnership with Ford more of the model lineup will become PZEV. Oh, and looking to earlier, I do really like the Idea with the Echo...and you dont really even have to sacrifice performance at all to do it. By varying the valve timing on the Intake valve to overlap with the Compression stroke during lite loads the engines useful volume is reduced. It would almost form a variable volume system.
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