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mpg of honda civic hybrid vs nissan almera

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Default mpg of honda civic hybrid vs nissan almera

Hi All

I'm considering buying a honda civic hybrid, it is 2003 1.4l

I'm trying to ascertain for sure the mpg of this to see if its possible to make the fuel economy pay for itself over a nissan almera 1.8l petrol that I can get cheaper
the almera gets 39mpg
on different websites the civic gets 69mpg and on another its 44... from very impressive to v little better than a big petrol car...
anyone able to help?


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Default Re: mpg of honda civic hybrid vs nissan almera

I know they've stopped production on the Almera after 2006, but even then, I saw great MPG ratings on up to 47.9 mpg. Not sure if that includes weight of cargo or if the car's at it's optimal settings on all fronts, but it's a great stat nonetheless.

That being said, I would go with the car that's historically reliable. The Civic hybrid has enough standards to be eco-friendly and more imporantly, it's very rugged. Not to say that Nissan models aren't reliable - because they definitely score marks there - but Honda's history is better.
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Default Re: mpg of honda civic hybrid vs nissan almera

I see the word "Petrol" in your post... your 2 MPG quotes are probably the same, one in US gallons and the other in Imperial gallons. So if the Almera gets 39MPG (imperial), and i dont believe the Almera gets sold on the US so it must be imperial, and the Civic does 69MPG Imperial (44 is right for US gallons) then there you have it... it's a substantial difference.

None the less, I would rather look into a Prius first if you are looking for even better fuel economy and the versability of a hatchback.

Another thing to keep into account: Highway vs City mileage. On regular cars they will quote the highest number (highway) and that number may not be too bad when compared to a hybrid, since at high speeds and constant cycle there isnt much that the hybrid powertrain can do to improve an already good designed gas engine. But you should compare apples to apples. if you are going to do mainly city, make sure to take that into account. A hybrid could do 44 MPG on the highway, and the non hybrid version could do 40, not too much of a difference, but on city the hybrid could do 52 MPG vs 25 for the non hybrid... Id does make a big difference. And compare equipment and amenities too. That civic hybrid could be a base hybrid, with just AC, CD/MP3 radio, or have the navigation package too (I had one a few years back) The car also has automatic climate control but I dont think it had a hybrid AC (my memory fails right now on that, but that would mean no AC on auto stop... the 2006 model did)
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