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View Poll Results: How much do you think about FE or use FE techniques while driving?
All the time or almost all the time – I always drive with mpg on my mind
Pretty frequently but not every minute
Occasionally, or when there’s a good opportunity to use a technique
Infrequently or never – I just drive it like a normal car
Infrequently or never – my hypermiling habits are ingrained & don't think much about it.
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Poll: For High MPG'ers only

Old 03-27-2006, 02:09 PM
04 prius 350,000km
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Default Re: Poll: For High MPG'ers only

everytime i get behind the wheel pretty much, driving normally does not satisfy me anymore ever since I found I've been arriving at the same time as people who don't give a crap about gas.
Old 04-10-2006, 12:31 PM
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Diesel driver
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Location: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
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Default Re: Poll: For High MPG'ers only

Recently I've been driving without much attention to this and I'm still slightly above the car's highway MPG rating, in mixed driving. Bonus!
Old 04-11-2006, 07:06 PM
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Default Re: Poll: For High MPG'ers only

My answer depends entirely on which vehicle I'm driving. When driving the MT HCH I' thinking about MPG nearly all the time. When driving the MT Vette I think about mgp most of the time but every once in while you just need to blow out the cobwebs. I don't think about mpg at all when driving my automatic transmission pickup truck. The truck lacks mpg data displays and the auto tranny is demotivating.
Old 04-12-2006, 03:28 PM
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Default Re: Poll: For High MPG'ers only

Lakedude I'm the same way.
In my HCH....especially these days....I'm squeezing every ounce of fuel vapor to get that last foot of ground.

Grand Caravan is different.
We only use it when hauling things, or our family of 5 + more people.
I'm still doing rather mild things like driving with load and going a bit slower.
Less brake useage, timing the lights, keeping a buffer etc.

Traffic permitting it's Right lane 50-60MPH in a 55-65MPH limit, and 60-68 in a 70 limit.
Most people driving those GC's are like I used to be, likely getting 15-18MPG.
At least we're still beating EPA of 23 combined.

Otherwise it's back to "Brain dead driving" in regards to the GC.
Old 04-14-2006, 07:59 PM
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Diesel driver
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Default Re: Poll: For High MPG'ers only

Not much, now.

We at www.clubsmartcar.ca have a fuel economy derby every summer. I am a really good boy then, but the rest of the year I drive the car pretty much normally, with a vague attention to MPG. It's a convertible and the top is often down (even during the derby), which is not good for MPG but what the heck, the soft top is a major reason why I bought it. I use the heated seats all the time, and A/C in summer if the top is up.

The Transport Canada highway rating for this car is 63.6 US MPG. I drive a mix of city and highway and I'm ****ed close to the highway rating. I would expect to be at the highway average in a year or so, as the fuel consumption is getting better with time.

I have not driven only on the highway on a single tank yet, so I personally can't say what this car can do. However, my best to date is 71.3 MPG in mixed driving. One other smart car owner in Canada has achieved 94 US MPG on a pure highway tank, driving at 52 MPH in Saskatchewan. See www.100mpg.ca for details...
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