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Way to tell if blended or not?

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Default Way to tell if blended or not?

Local news story http://www.news9.com/Global/story.asp?S=8327128 talks about stations selling mixed blends of gas ethanol (Guess we call it e10 on here) the article calls it gasohol. But it says to simply ask the clerk, or purchase a test kit. I have a feeling Bubba behind the counter (or Habib), or to be equally PC anyone, will actually know what they are selling, or 'yup, its gas, or 100% gas as in not gas/water mix...

So other than this test kit I've never heard about, any online sources to tell the difference?

Well interesting, just watched the video to see what they said about this kit. It's from lawn mower shops, a test tube with markings on it, you add water to a line, add gas, shake, if the water expands it has alchol in it. But even better, at least for us Oakies is a bill was intoduced, and passed that goes into effect July 1 that require stations to label their pumps! It will be cool to notice if people pay attention and will cross the street to get 100% gas vs e10!
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Default Re: Way to tell if blended or not?

Many of the stations in the Midwest and where I live in Southwestern Pa. have a label on their gas pumps---"May contain 10% ethanol". Enough said.
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Exclamation Re: Way to tell if blended or not?

Maybe this can be moved to the General area or the Fuel Economy area since it is not directly related to the Ford Escape?

This system works. I used this method in February to test the reverse.
I wanted to know how much gasoline was in my ethanol.
It should work the same in your case.
Look at the photos below.
Just eyeballing it will give you an idea if there is SOME ethanol.
Doing the math will tell you exactly how much.
Ethanol and gas mix, but water and ethanol mix easier.
When you have three together, the ethanol binds with the water, and the gas floats to the top. The gas is the cloudy part in my photo.
I was testing "unknown" E85 samples.
Turns out, E85 is not always 85% ethanol.

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Default Re: Way to tell if blended or not?

Gas stations are REQUIRED to post the percentage (E#), on the pump, if ethanol is used.
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Thumbs down Re: Way to tell if blended or not?

Originally Posted by 08FEH View Post
Gas stations are REQUIRED to post the percentage (E#), on the pump, if ethanol is used.
Actually, there is no Federal rule for this, and very few states "request" this, and I've yet to see a State enforce this.

Plus, I can put a 50 cent label on any pump. That is irrelevant to what you are pumping.
Don't think some "State Angent" is going around checking, they aren't.

I've measured myself, and found mis-labels ( or mis-blends ) in every state I frequently travel. If your MPG is changing, it may be your fuel. "You never know what you are going to get."

Now, E10 is 'probably' always between E8 and E12.
E85 is anywhere between E68 and E88.

It would not surprise me in the least however, if your "regular" gas also has some ethanol in it. Gas is very expensive now. Ethanol is $2.60 at the 'rack' and water is free.
Gas stations can sell you gas with 2-3% ethanol and you are not going to know.
With the ethanol, then they can add 1-2% water, and sell water to you at $3.75 a gallon.
Don't put it past them!

In their big tanks, they can add 100-1000 gallons of "free" water and make $375 to $3750 extra per shipment with 5 minutes of time & labor.

There is no "chemist" or petrolelum engineer out there checking.
If your MPG goes down for no reason, try a new station!
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Default Re: Way to tell if blended or not?

It is normal practice to sell E70 as E85 during winter months. This 'winter blend' is used because alcohol doesn't work so well on cold engines, so they dilute it a bit more with gasoline to prevent driveability issues during cold weather.

This typically occurs between October and March... at least here in Missouri.

What I don't understand is how E85 goes up the same amount as gasoline? Example... Gas was 2.50/gallon... E85 was 2.00/gallon. Gas goes up to 3.00/gallon... shortly after E85 goes up to 2.50/gallon.

Doesn't make sense... one would assume that E85 price would only fluctuate 15-30% as much as Gasoline... but what you gonna do? (Right now Gas is about $3.69, and E85 is $2.99).

Oh also... here in the St. Louis area, there is no such thing as 100% gasoline. EVERYTHING is E10, with a handful of stations that sell E85.
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Angry Re: Way to tell if blended or not?

I agree with you that the price of ethanol ( E85 ) should only rise a little when gas goes up.
However, in a free market society, the price will be what the market will bear.

It bothers me that people are making hand over fist profits.
It is normally the blender / distributer, not the producer who profits.
If the station puts the ethanol producer out of business, it does not hurt him too much.
He still has plenty of gas and usually snack food to sell.

The profit for the producer is only 10 cents to 20 cents per gallon these days.

P.S. Kinda like hybrids, they know people who want it, are willing to pay a "premium" for it.
Just for the "privlege" of keeping dollars in the U.S.

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