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essentricaudio 07-02-2017 08:45 AM

I'm Back!
Well, after a 4 year break, I am back - not just to the forum but to the PHEV / BEV community.
We had a Ford Escape Hybrid for 5 years and I was here at least reading if not participating quite often - but the Escape had some major issues (let's just say the vehicle we purchased used was sold to us in a very dishonest way). We got some amazing results even with the issues, had a lot of fun HM and seeing just how far we could push it. But after fighting with issues and frustrations and putting way too much time and money into it, we finally sold it (with full disclosure of the problems, so we got very little cash out) and moved back into the ICE world (2012 Fiat 500).
I wanted to go full electric or at least PHEV, but our options were quite limited here (both financially and what was available late 2012 here in the midwest) so we chose to go with a small, relatively efficient car. Shortly after that, I was introduced to the BMW i3 while in Germany and fell in love -with everything but the price tag! Because the desire for a PHEV or BEV was there but I was not in a position to get one, I drifted away from these forums (to much pain! ;) )
Well, my wife and I finally decided the time was right to make a move on vehicles - the Fiat was falling apart. After looking at a few options, we decided the Nissan Leaf was the best path (considering the local utility would pay $10,000 towards the purchase!) and we got a 2017 Leaf in May, trading in the Fiat. I was so happy to get back to driving electric! But I didn't get to drive it more than 5 or 6 days that first month - because my wife liked it so much, she kept on driving it! That left me driving our 2007 Chrysler minivan :confused:. So after some discussions and poking around at what was available used, she encouraged me to get my BMW i3 and pass the van down to the kids with their growing family.
So I picked up a 2015 BMW i3 with low miles - because both of our vehicles are BEV, I went ahead and got the REX option for those 4-5 times a year I need to drive 150 - 200 miles for work, but not something needed for my normal daily driving. And for the vacations? We rent what we need. We just did a family vacation, 6500 miles, 3 weeks, and rented a brand new Chrysler Pacifica for only $1400. I am glad I didn't put that mileage on ANY of my cars!
Glad to be back, looking forward to catching up with what I've missed!

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