Brakes recalibrate?

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Default Brakes recalibrate?

I recently had a hitch put on my 08 FEH. After searching here I feel comfortable with it handling 2000 pounds or less. I got it installed with a lifetime warranty from uhaul for $180, cheaper then my custom van hitch cost. I decided to do the wiring myself. After reading here and looking online, I figured the T-connector type would be best for me. After a couple days I found the Curt model at a local truck store, and they sold it to me for $60, about as cheap as I could find it online. I did the install, no problems, could not have been easier. Except I broke the OEM clips that hold the connecter in place. I have it plugged very tightly, and wrapped with duct tape, working just fine. When I ran all the wiring I did not hook up the ground or battery wire just yet. Today I disconnected the 12volt battery in the FEH, and made the ground and battery connections.

Now...I get in to go to the store(first start since hooking up the wires). I start the FEH and the ABS and brake light come on, as awell as a warning chime. It last long enough for me to notice, put in P, and then the warnings turned off. I go ahead and drive to the store, and this is where I noticed that the brakes are stiffer, I am not having to press the pedal as far to stop. Almost like having new brakes in a regular car. I drive home from store and they are the same, not pressing as hard to stop. I like it, especially knowing I'll be towing a trailer soon.

Now I wonder is this some auto adjustment thing since I disconnected the 12v battery? They are the original brakes, we are the original owners, and I have 63,000 miles on it.
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Default Re: Brakes recalibrate?

The first thing I would try would be to REVERSE that last step.
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Default Re: Brakes recalibrate?

"If the battery is disconnected, the Regenerative Braking System will need
to relearn the initial brake pedal position. After reconnecting the battery,
slowly depress and release the brake pedal one time."

-From Page 264 of the 2008 FEH Owners Guide (2nd Edition)
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Default Re: Brakes recalibrate?

LOL, guess I coulda dug out the manual and looked.
Thanks for the reply MyPart.

That explains why the warning only lasted long enough to back down the drive. After I put it back in park, and let go of the brake pedal the warnings stopped.

West...reverse what step?

I drove 200+ miles today, no problems. Fully functional, operational, and problem free.The brakes softened a little bit, but still grab sooner than they did a couple days ago. It was just doing what the book said it would. I was just to um..(lazy i guess) to dig out the manual.

Test tow with empty trailer on Thursday.
I gotta say, I have loved driving our 08 FEH. 63,000+ miles oil changes, air filter, better(quieter) tires, and a windsheild washer pump. Constant 30-35MPG with NO hypermiling tricks(except for obeying speed limits), 3/4 city 1/4 hiway. We love it, and since it is beyond powertrain warranty, reaching the 80,000 mile mark quickly, and will be paid off next year, I am eager to see how it handles with a trailer. I will not be towing more than 2000#(I know it's double what ford says). After weeks of researching online, I don't think it will be a problem for this vehicle.
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