OBD2 scanners

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Default OBD2 scanners

I am looking for a OBD 2 (On Board Diagnostic) network scanner that interfaces to a PC laptop. An example is ELM SCAN 5 (see scantool.net) which has open source software which presumably could be used to log sensor data over time. Anybody know how much data from special systems in the FEH is picked up by these scan tools? Is the protocol general enough that all information on the network is available to a scanner? Any experience with any of these devices and the FEH?


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Default Re: OBD2 scanners

Ford's implementation (ISO, I think?) does have proprietary codes in use, but they can be looked up if the tool doesn't already know it or the data doesn't say what it is itself. I have not heard of undeciphered hybrid-specific codes for Ford, but they may be there.
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Default Re: OBD2 scanners

No Bryan, the FEH uses CAN which is faster.

Bob, I have never used the ELM scan 5 but the data is regulated by law. This would mean that the eCVT control module and battery control module information maynot be available through the OBD 2. All other information should be available and general enough. Hopefully, Ford included the TCM and TBCM so data from the eCVT and Battery could be monitored. Why would Ford leave it out just because it's not required by law? Everything should be available I would think.

Try giving them a call and ask. You also may want to give Ron at Scangauge.com a call (his 800 number was posted by me in the scangauge thread I posted here), and I sure he will help you with your questions.

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Default Re: OBD2 scanners

My guess is that the protocol is CAN. Ford is supposed to have converted to 90% CAN in 06 and 100% by 07. Given the youth of the FEH, its probably CAN.
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Default Re: OBD2 scanners

Thanks, Gary. The OBD-2.com web page indicates their browser will display

"Ford Hybrid enhanced engine, battery and transmission computer real time data. "

So, I expect there is a lot of interesting data on the hybrid. Afterall, the comm network ties all the sensors and component states together for the computer to do its analysis. Its just a question of how much Ford has encrypted and made unaccessible. But from the OBD-2.com web site I can't figure out what they are selling and how much. Scantool is a lot clearer about what their product is and their software is open source.
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Default Re: OBD2 scanners

I emailed them asking about the capability of their software....here is the response:

"Yes, has support for the engine, trans, and battery computers.
Includes extra real time data such as SOC. Not sure about fuel economy
readings direct from the computers, software does have edit calculations to
derive fuel use. Will dispaly data in grid and gauge and can save replay
or export. Will use model TriCAN $240, for USB add $20 for a USB to serial
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