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Default Suspension Problems

At a 148K , I replaced both struts, shocks, inner and outer toe rods, and front stabilizer links; I also replaced both front control arms. At 165 thousand miles, I hit a big pot hole in NYC and I soon noticed a clunk in the front driver side; it has been progressively getting worse. I brought the the car to the dealer and he tells me my inner tie rod is bad. I now have another set of shocks, struts and inner and outer tie rod ends to be put in at 220K. Here is my problem, I noticed a squeak on the passenger back wheel so I put the car in reverse and hit the emergency brake to try and get it to stop. To my surprise, the car made a big clunk/pop in the driver back wheel. I tried going in reverse and again applying the emergency break and again the same pop/clunk happened. Does anyone have any suggestions? I went under the car and looked at the cross links and stuff and I can not really see the bushings. I am not sure you can see them. Also ball joints in back are original. Should I replace all the rear control arms with new ball joints or buy a used 2011 FEH with 31K?

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Default Re: Suspension Problems

I can't diagnose your problem, but if I found a 2011 FEH with 31k miles I would buy it.
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Default Re: Suspension Problems

At the moment in my market a 2012 with 34,000km is for sale. That's about 21,000 miles. X-fleet use. Awd but base model.

As for the back end, the op did not state the year of their FEH. Earlier Escapes are notorious for the rear shock mount areas rusting out, and this could cause odd noises. I can't recall any reports of replacing other rear end components. On the other hand, front ends on these things are as perishable as lettuce, and I've had to replace everything on mine. Next time when something goes I'm going to have it all done in one shot, instead of making multiple repair visits as additional parts gave out.
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Default Re: Suspension Problems

Yes. the front suspension is a bit spindly. But it's simple to work on, and the parts are cheap. I bought both lower control arms and all 4 tie rod ends for well under $100. Now I just need to get off my butt and change them out
Kyb shocks and struts all around, including new front springs and upper mounts were $250 shipped.

I had a brief look at the rear suspension last week as I changed the brake pads. Nothing looked worn.
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