Tire Recommendations for '07

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Default Tire Recommendations for '07

About time to replace the original tires on my '07 AWD at 70k miles.

My local tire dealer wants to sell me the General HTS, but I'm wondering about Bridgestone and Michelin in 235/70x16.

Anyone have any current recommendations for LRR tires that work well on dirt roads?

Thanks guys.
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Default Re: Tire Recommendations for '07

Continental makes a LRR tire that the Escape uses and at least one of the forum regulars uses this tire. I use the Michelin Latitude Tour and winter version during the colder months of the year and like them much better than the OEM stock tires.
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Default Re: Tire Recommendations for '07

The Michelin LTX is not an LRR tire but has great all around ride/handling, even in dirt and snow. MPG should be about even with stock if you keep them inflated.
LRR tires aren't really meant for dirt anyway, they're normally thinner/lighter than other tires.
If you're still rolling on Eco Plus tires you're really in for a treat when you replace them!
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Default Re: Tire Recommendations for '07

Thanks for the info guys.

I did a little research on Tire Rack and seems like an LRR rating is only good for +5% at best, which is less than 20gal/yr of gas. So I can broaden the search beyond LRR, but I want to stay with name brands. So probably Michelin, Bridgestone, or Continental.

Yes, I'm replacing the original Eco Plus (keeping the 5th one as a spare). At 70k miles they have gotten really noisy and feel hard. I think they could probably go to 100k with no additional wear as hard as they feel.
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Default Re: Tire Recommendations for '07

I have an 06 FEH 4WD (Florida). I replace tires fairly frequenly. It came with Continenals from the factory. OK tires, wore well. I replaced them with Michelin Latitude Tours which were excellent. I now have about 10K miles on a set of Bridgestone 422 Ecopias, which are my favorite tires so far. I get a bit better gas mileage than I did with either of the prior two sets and they are the quietest/smoothest riding. Can't speak to snow capabilities, but they handle very well in the rain.

I don't really drive on dirt roads so I can't offer an opinion there.
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Default Re: Tire Recommendations for '07

Nice job getting 70k out of the originals! I only got 48k out of mine and replaced them with the Michelin Latitude Tours. After 60k more miles, I recently replaced those with another set of Latitude Tours. Mine is mostly driven on paved roads, but we camp on the weekend and they do great on dirt and grass. They do pick up a high number of rocks and pebbles, but that is my only complaint about them.
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Default Re: Tire Recommendations for '07

I really like the Micheline Latitudes. My 09 FEH came with them. You can sometimes find them on sale through Tire Rack if you buy 4. I took them to Walmart and paid them their regular fee to mount and balance. Pretty slick actually.
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Default Re: Tire Recommendations for '07

I got the Conti Cross Contact Eco Plus and have been very happy with them. Much better wet and snow traction than originals, quiet on the highway and do fine on my gravel road.


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