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56k, New Tires Anyone?

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Default 56k, New Tires Anyone?

It's about that time for new tires on my 05 HAH. The Honda dealer gave me a quote of $800 (gasp!!) for new set of OEM Michelin's. I have been a faithful patron of a large local tire chain (Belle Tire). Stopped in there and they gave me a similar quote for the Michelin's. ($792 out the door, 860 with warranty) Then he tells me about a comparable Goodyear tire, the Goodyear Assurance tire. It is a directional tire rated for 85K miles and comes with the road hazard warranty, which was not included with the Michelin's. These 4 tires come at a cost of $543 out the door. I'm worried about it affecting mileage. A wise man might say, since the hybrid won't pay for it self in mileage alone, the smart money spent would be on the cheaper tires. However, most of the pride I get out of this HAH is when I tell people I get an average of 32 mpg while enjoying 255 hp at my whim.

Has anyone put something other than OEM tires on their HAH? If so, what kind of tires were they and how has it affected mileage?

FYI, A neighbor friend of mine has a Prius. He recently had to get new tires put on. He had replaced his tires with OEM Goodyear replacements. Unfortunately for him he has noticed a 10 mpg average drop in mileage. He ran it out for 4 gas tanks just to be sure and took them back to the tire shop. I told him to double check the tire inflation pressure because that would make a big difference. No word yet from him. But the Tire shop said they would fudge the numbers and put a new set on. Needless to say, I have doubts about Goodyear tires on hybrids.
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Default Re: 56k, New Tires Anyone?

I bought tires for my prius which are not rated Low Rolling Resistance. They are warranted for a period of 65K miles and cost about 50 bucks a piece.

To make a long story short. IF I run the tires at the same air pressure, I do see a hit in mpgs BUT the max pressure on these is like 55psi and when I bring the pressure up to 49-50 in each, I get the same or better MPGs as the stock tires.

I too had concerns and fears but that was 10k miles ago and the tires look and handle great.

Many folks, by the time they had close to 20K miles on the originals were already shopping for new tires because they kept them inflated to what toyota recommends. The folks that inflate the tires to near max were able to get 50K plus out of the same set.

I feel your stress, I was there and survived.

You were able to get plenty of miles out of yours. I only have under 30k miles on my 05 hah so I have a long ways to go yet.

Best of luck
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Default Re: 56k, New Tires Anyone?

I have not replaced the original tires on my HAH, 24k miles to date and reasonable wear.

I suggest ignoring the mileage warranty rating listed by the manufacturer. IMHO this number is mainly but not always a marketing gimmick. Rather, compare the DOT mileage index when selecting tires. Higher DOT index numbers indicate that the tire will last longer and probably also provide better fuel economy.
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Default Re: 56k, New Tires Anyone?

My HAH was delivered in January 2005. I have 50k miles on it, and I really disliked the OE tires. I just replaced them with Yokohama ASVAN S.4. tires, and I love them. Mileage seems to be about equal, but response and smooth ride are highly improved. Total price delivered from Tire Rack was $513.22, and mounting/balancing locally through a Tire Rack partner cost me about $50. Tire Rack delivers the tires to your chosen installer.
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Default Re: 56k, New Tires Anyone?

Not sure which Michelins they quoted you for, but the MXV4 Energy were upgraded to the MXV4 Primacy this year and I put a set on my SAAB 9-5. They are awesome tires - very quiet, ride well, and stick well. If you are going to spend big money I would recommend them highly. They are also warranted for 60K miles with a treadwear rating of 620 vs the old 440.
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Default Re: 56k, New Tires Anyone?

I have a 2003 HCH with el-cheapo tires installed. My fuel economy dropped from 45 to 42. On the other hand, I saved several hundred dollars on the tires, so I can live with it.
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Default Re: 56k, New Tires Anyone?

I installed Goodyear Regatta tires on my 05 HAH after OEMs wore out at 56,000 miles. Max air presure is 44psi on Reggatta tires. I run with 40psi and lost 7 miles mpg. Typical mixed driving with OEMs was 35-40mpg. Now 29 to 33mpg. I did not like going under the 30mpg. Went back to Goodyear store and they would accept tires back and mount energy tires. Goodyear tires cost $425.00 with all the fixings, Michelins = $850.00 so I am grin and bearing it with the Goodyear tires.
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Default Re: 56k, New Tires Anyone?

Thanks for all the advice. I ended up going with the Goodyear Assurance Tripletred tires. I just couldn't justify dropping over 800 for a set of Michelin's. The tire guy said that you are paying for the name, but I never thought of Michelin's as the Nike of the tire world. Anyway I've got about 400 miles on the new tires. I've filled them to 41 psi after about 1/2 a tank of gas. I just took a long road trip of all freeway for about 100 miles on a toped off tank of gas. I saw almost 37 mpg at one point. However, when I changed directions and was fighting the wind it dropped to 34 mpg. If I factor in the cold and wind, I believe when summer rolls around these tires will not affect my gas mileage.
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Default Re: 56k, New Tires Anyone?

If going strictly by cost, with a 3 mpg hit over 56k, it would have a cost impact of aprox 268 dollars over time...
gas tank 17.1
Mileage w old tires 45
Mileage w new tires 42
Difference 3
Miles per tank old tires 765
Miles per tank old tires 714
Number of tanks to 56k Old tires 73.20261438
Cost of fuel over time @ $3 per gallon Old Tires 3755.294118
Number of tanks to 56k New tires 78.43137255
Cost of fuel over time @ $3 per gallon New Tires 4023.529412
Fuel Cost difference over time 268.2352941
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Default Re: 56k, New Tires Anyone?

I found info on incoming all-new tires from Yokohama. The model will be available this summer and its model is "dB Super E-spec".
They even claim its new design will not compromise grip vs LRR.
Any thoughts?
I also received the last issue of Tirerack magazine and they emphasize a few new LRR tires too.
1) Michelin HydroEdge Green X All-season
2) Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max All-season
3) Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 Grand Touring Summer

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