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Default HAH Real Time Data

Does anyone know how to capture real time date during a trip other than with a scan guage? There must be a way to capture this from the computers in the HAH. To much to note while driving, I have noticed that sometimes during slowing traveling (running at more than 10 miles/hr) with the foot off the gas the ECO on but the charge/assist gauge did not come on until pressing the brakes. This does happen often but little things like this eventually effects MPG.
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Default Re: HAH Real Time Data

I can't answer your question, but I just noticed today while driving and coasting to a red light I saw no charging even when I hit the brakes. I only had 5 bars of charge so I don't understand why it didn't charge some more. This was the first time I noticed this, but I will pay more attention to see if it happens again. In fact it seems like the computer handles the charge and assist quite differently from the way it did on my HCH. I see no charging while driving on the highway. Yesterday the battery went from 5 bars down to 3 bars while driving on the freeway and then forced charged. This was on a flat section of road. In city driving I'm usually at 5 and sometimes 6 bars of charge. Seems like things are almost the opposite of what they were in the HCH.
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Default Re: HAH Real Time Data

I can address the one mention of 'charge not coming on at certain speeds when I coast'...

A couple of weeks ago, Xcel and I discovered that under the right conditions, coasting regen will be skipped. Depending on how fast you're going, brake regen will be skipped as well.

Before you think... 'oops...it's broken' - there's an advantage to this - and Xcel thinks that it's by design (although Honda will probably never acknowledge this, because they guard their IMA logic so closely).

The advantage is that you will coast faster, without slowing down so fast. Regen slows the car down faster than regular coasting...so if you're driving for FE, there are certain times where you *don't* want regen. I don't have many occasions to use it myself, but I *can* force the condition...here's what I've noticed so far...

Under 20mph, and gradual release of pressure from the accelerator - regen is very rare (brake or coast)

Under 40mph, and *very* gradual release of brake (use this for lightly traveled roads, when you see a long way to coast before your stop, and no one's close behind you) - coast regen can be skipped; once you get past 20mph, you'll skip brake regen as well.

This is fairly hard to do deliberately - if you're trying it, and start seeing charge bars, put your foot back on the accelerator until you see the bars go away, then ease your foot off the gas again, lighter this time. However, most of the time, once I see the bars start, they'll keep coming back for that cycle, no matter how many times I retry it. Since I've generally run out of the coasting portion of road, I generally don't retry after I see the charge bars.

One more note - I can more easily skip brake regen than I can coast regen, due to the fact that I'm often coasting down to < 20mph by the time I have to hit the brake.

Xcel can chime in with other good reasons to force skipping regen, if any exist. It may be that fewer discharge / recharge cycles are beneficial to the pack, as well.
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