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Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas

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Arrow Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas

Hi everyone. We are currently in the process of re-writing the Mileage Database system. I am very curious to hear a user brainstorm regarding what you would like to see, how you would like it to function, how you'd like the graphs to be displayed - the floor is open to any suggestion. Add your thoughts.
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Default Re: Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas


I've often wondered why the chart on the main page for "Real Hybrid Mileage Database" has the various car models listed rather randomly. Maybe they could be arranged alphabetically so a particular model can be found more easily.

And I guess you already know that a lot of Honda Civic Hybrid II owners (model years 2006-current), have seen that their cars' data ended up in the HCH I (CVT) database.

Thanks for asking for our input.
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Default Re: Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas

  1. Ability to select which fields to display including the currently hidden notes and strategy.
  2. User date range selection on custom reports
  3. Fields to support 'cost of ownership': purchase/sale price, maintenance/repair costs and what, insurance cost, interest costs, taxes/fees
  4. enter date any entry was actually purchased
  5. user selectable units (USA/metric), fuel/distance or distance/fuel
  6. currency
  7. country code
  8. type of fuel
  9. remove hypermiler and use some sort of statistical based classification, either standard deviation or other grouping based upon the user records ... nothing based on an external standard like USA EPA or others
  10. Ability to export, delimited fields
  11. Ability to import, delimited fields
Bob Wilson
Old 08-14-2008, 05:29 AM
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Smile Re: Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas

Might be worthwhile to be able to list primary driving conditions. "Rural, Suburban, Urban" does not adequately describe traffic conditions. I chose "Suburban" as the default for what would much better be described as "highly variable stop and go highway driving under heavy rush hour traffic conditions between center city Philadelphia and outer suburbs". I appreciate that that sentence is a mouthful.

Also, I found the mileage fields to be confusing; okay, I'm not the most computer literate person. I kind of would have liked to have been able to enter the data that includes approx. 37,000 miles of driving "conventionally" and then my efforts over the past 4,000 miles as a novice hypermiler.
I'm in favor of retaining the "Hypermiler" title. It's stupid, maybe, but it's sort of like getting a gold star from your grade school teacher.

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Post Re: Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas

Here are my thoughts:

- Get rid of old entries in the database that have less than 5 tank entries. (There are numerous entries with only one or two tanks listed that just clog up the database.) Or give us an option of only showing active database entries. That would give a more realistic view of the actual entries in the database.

- I would take the "Hypermiler" title one step further by comparing ones mpg results to epa estimates to other cars in different categories by computing the mpg percent above EPA. This percentage would allow comparisons to other SUV Hybrid drivers like a Saturn Vue, Toyota Highlander, Ford Escape and Mecury Mariner.

For example the Hybrid I drive is a 2007 Saturn Vue. EPA City 23 and Highway 29. Or a 26mpg average based upon a 50/50 split. My lifetime is 32.2mpg or 6.2 mpg above epa estimates. Take 6.2 and divide it by 26 =.238 convert that to a percentage 23.8%. I get 23.8% percent better mgp than epa estimates.

Compare that to Greengop who has a 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid. EPA City 31 and Highway 29. Or a 30mpg average. Greengop's lifetime average is 36.1 or 6.1 better than epa estimates. 6.1 divided by 30 = .203 convert that to a percentage 20.3%.

Or Gpsman1 who has a 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid. EPA City 30 and Highway 28. Or a 29mpg average. Gpsman's lifetime average is 36.9 or 7.9 better than epa estimates. 7.9 divided by 29 = .272 convert that to a percentage 27.2%.

Or to WebG who has a 2007 Toyota Highlander. EPA City 28 and Highway 25. Or a 26.5mpg average. WebG's lifetime average is 31.3 or 4.8 better than epa estimates. 4.8 divided by 26.5 = .181 convert that to a percentage 18.1%.

Top Hybrid SUV Drivers based upon % over EPA estimates
  1. Gpsman1 27.2% Ford Escape 2005
  2. HybridVue 23.2% Saturn Vue 2007
  3. Greengop 20.3% Ford Escape 2007
  4. WebG 18.1% Toyota Highlander 2007

I would place the following restrictions - database entries must be current and must have at least 15 tanks submitted. This will prevent "hit and run" one time database entries and lack of current reporting.

Just think of the comparisons -
The Compact Class - Honda Civic to Toyota Prius to Honda Insight
Or The Sedan Class - Honda Accord to Nissan Altima to Toyota Camry to Chevy Malibu to Lexus GS 450h
Or The SUV Class - Saturn Vue to Toyota Highlander to Ford Escape to Mecury Mariner

It would make for some interesting conversation.
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Default Re: Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas

I too would like the ability to import data. I've already the data into my private spreadsheet, it would be nice to be able to just import the new data.

I've never like the scale use for the graphs. My milage flucuates throughout the year from around 38 to 45 or so... With the graph from 0 to 50(?) it looks like almost a straight line. Why not have the scale from 5 below the lowest to 5 above the highest.

I'd also love to graph time ranges, and compare time ranges (like 2007 versus 2008)

Thanks for taking our input.

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Default Re: Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas

Please have a policy of omitting any entries of fewer than a few tanks that have stopped contributing after 6 months. Or simply allow columns to display by most tanks rather than distance. This would drive all the 0,1,2, 3 etc tanks to the bottom. Also get rid of obvious errors. There is a HCH I that has a starting mileage of 1,207,000 and zero tanks.
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Default Re: Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas

great job IB! We need a update! :thumbsup:
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Default Re: Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas

Remove "Hypermiler" designation. Overall FE too dependent on many things that are independent of the drivers skill or the vehicle itself.
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Default Re: Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas

When you enter number of gallons and distance and save it, the number of gallons field becomes blank and the MPG field is populated and the distance remains populated. Leave the gallons field populated. Gallons field should have three digits after the decimal (thousandths) just like the gas pump indicates.

Why are temperature and ride time required? If you commute to work, the temperature might be 60 in the morning and 90 in the evening. You can make multiple trips in the morning, multiple trips in the afternoon, multiple trips in the evening/night, and the temperature is different throughout the day. I have always entered the average day time high. If a tank of gas last someone a few weeks, it could be unseasonably warm at the beginning of the week and unseasonably cold late in the week. I do not see why temperature is required. Same goes for ride time. I have always entered what I think was the average ride time, but this is a very rough guess. Besides the temperatures is only in intervals of 10, and the ride time is only in intervals of one-hour after 2 and no intervals prior to that. If you keep it, make smaller intervals.

Recommend adding gas price per gallon as an optional field.

Thanks for the opportunity for us to provide input to you to improve the mileage database!

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