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Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas

Old 09-01-2008, 01:31 PM
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Default Re: Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas

I'll second/third/fourth/whatever, the ability to import data from an Excel spreadsheet. I stopped putting my tanks in here for a while, and I would catch it up but I have no interest in going back and entering 40 tanks manually. Tell me what data you want in what columns, and I'll arrange my spreadsheet that way and import it. The database at allows this type of data importing and it fully rocks.
Old 09-04-2008, 11:44 AM
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Default Re: Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas

You may want to search on this site, also, There was some level of discussion about this well over a year ago, as I remember.

General Comments:
Clean existing data.
Remove obvious error or "just clowning around" or "insidious" entries.
Make inactive entries inactive. Let folks choose whether or not to use them in their lists and rankings.
Edit new input data. I know some earlier suggestions we all made have been implemented. Continue trying to ensure the input data is "plausible."

Add Import/Export capability.

Individual MPG chart scale is not very broad. Most points look like a straight line. I'd widen it just a little bit.

Do NOT delete our entries until they've been inactive for over 4 months. That gives most everyone enough time to deal with travel, hospital trips, or other life (occasionally things come up MORE important than this site - I know, but it could happen ).

That's it off the top of my head.
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Default Re: Mileage Database Features - Submit your ideas

Three suggestions

1) make the database easy to update on the admin side so as new hybrids come out they are quickly added. Presently some hybrids are not available in the drop down menu to add your vehicle to. ie Mecury Hybrid 2WD - that is why only one person is listed in that category

2) add a method to show year groups - ie the escape will soon have multiple years of cars under the same database but as technology changes there is no way to separate them out to see if different yr groups / tech do better.

2) as for deleting none users - If the intent of the data base is to only track current users then delete after a few months of non use - but if you are looking for real long term data keep old users as long as they meet a certain criteria, say 10 tanks or 10,000 miles. Otherwise when a long time contributor sells their car within a few weeks / months their 3-5 year history disappears. Maybe a historical database would cover that.

Thank you for listening
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