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Vehicle FAQs

Old 09-07-2005, 11:23 AM
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Default Vehicle FAQs

I was thinking, especially given the nature of the site (to inform) that perhaps it would be best if in each hybrid vehicle subforum there's a FAQ, with things about good costs (to avoid markups), some explanation of the features, what that particular model hybrid is good for, a brief FE guide for that vehicle in particular,that kind of stuff, and have it stickied. Maybe even have a modified form of MrFixIt's spreadsheet to allow users to do some comparisons themselves.

Secondly, perhaps you should have a vehicular go to guy, as a mod in that forum. Someone who has an HCH and visits the HCH forum frequently who can sticky and add to good articles about that vehicle, and delete redundant threads that are answered in the FAQ, and whatnot.

Just putting it out there.
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Default Re: Vehicle FAQs

Sounds like a good idea!
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Default Re: Vehicle FAQs

This is a good idea. I think a lot of material can be extracted from the existing vehicule forums and made into a FAQ. Mind you, such a FAQ would have to be considered a "living document" as its content may change as we get more real-world feedback.

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Default Re: Vehicle FAQs

Also, it has started to become somewhat obvious that despite greenhybrids goal to educate, it seems that it has also become a kind of soapbox for people to advocate their particular views. This is of course, by no means surprising or harmful, but when too much is said and done in favor of a persuasion of thought rather than an unbiased look, the site ceases to serve the function it and the real milage database serves, and instead becomes a glorified blog. If nothing else, this keeps the site from being the other end of the pendulum from where most of the media seems to be, not to mention keeps greenhybrids reputation as a source of information intact.

While it's understandable that the website has become near and dear to many people, Jason, especially yourself, you should also realize that the community that calls this place a home may not always share your particular views, or those of the moderators; perhaps a good idea is to have a staff of moderators who come from many degrees and schools of thought rather than all from the same one to ensure that the boards remains unbiased. Especially in the vehicle forums.

In addition to the above, I suggest that all discussions in the vehicular subforums of a political or religious nature be prohibited. I'm a member of many very active forums, and all of them have similar rules, which keeps the site running. There's a forum for political and religious discussion, and depending on what you desire, you may allow such discussions in the general forum. Doing this helps keep the boards bias free, the lines of communication open, the discussion on topic, and keeps from a small group of people who share the same views to try to force them upon the rest of the community. Another duty of the subforum moderators that I've suggested would be to keep such discussions out of their subforums and to keep the discussions away from such a nature.

I've seen boards like this one, a very good site and with lots of good people fall apart because of petty and stupid problems. What I've mentioned has actually worked in keeping that happen, and failure to take any action almost always results in the site folding or splintering down the road. I'd prefer it if Greenhybrid stays intact and informational.

This isn't a hypothetical. Already people are becoming nebulous about this site. I've seen people say that they probably won't post again because of the political climate of a hybrid forum is too extreme for their tastes, and others ask for information about a hybrid only to be told to buy a bike. These are pretty clear signs that there's a problem, and things like this never get better, they only get worse.

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Default Re: Vehicle FAQs

First as a moderator I have to say that of the moderators not one is cookie cutter. There are different views on hypermiling and the direction of hybrids. Some feel that putting it in SUVs is outrageous and some believe that every little bit helps. As far as politics goes there is also diversity.

The problem is that hybrid technology and politics get intermingled a lot. How can we talk about hybrids without talking about what an administration is or isn't doing to promote them. Should we make it so we can't post about tax credit proposals?

I don't recall reading in any of the main forums any discussion of politics other than what is related to hybrids. Point out the threads so they can be addressed.

I think the only way to balance people on their soapbox is to have someone who dissagrees post. I have yet to see a thread closed or a message deleted because of an opposing viewpoint. If people aren't going to debate the issue how can there be balance?

Are there any messages I'm missing that have people making personal attacks? Or are you talking about very heated debates on some methods of hypermileing?
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Default Re: Vehicle FAQs

I've considered pretty much everything that's been mentioned thus far in the thread. I had been implementing a "Vehicle FAQ" type of system in early summer but never finished it up and then had to recode the mileage database. When I have some free time I'll see about finishing that up.

As far as political discussions and digressions, it's an issue I have already discussed with the moderators and I am currently looking into how we'll be dealing with it. Rest assured, GreenHybrid will not turn into "another one" of those uncontrollable communities. My main issue is finding the time to make these changes, but perhaps I'll see about getting some done this weekend. Thanks for your suggestions.

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