Has anyone compared gas brands?

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Question Has anyone compared gas brands?

hi everyone!

I just bought a Highlander Limited 2WD hybrid and I absolutely love it! Just yesterday, I gave my HH it's first new tank of gas ... With gas prices being insanely expensive, I am going for a cheaper brand - Arco (BP). Just wondering if anyone has compared mpg between different gas brands (i.e. Chevron, 76, Costco ...) to see if paying extra for another brand is worth it for mpg.


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Default Re: Has anyone compared gas brands?

In a completely unscientific way, I have compared my mpg values between brands.
I now keep track of the gasoline brand in my mileage log. I used to be a firm believer in Chevron, and my previous MINI Cooper S seemed to run better on Techron, but it ate premium. For my 05 Prius II, so far I have gotten better mileage with Coastal gasoline, but that may be a coincidence.
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Default Re: Has anyone compared gas brands?

thanks! that's a good idea to just write down the brand you're using... I think I'll start doing that...

I had good luck with Chevron in my Honda Civic but they charge such a premium, even for the 87, that since its already tough to be paying $2.70, paying $2.80 is just that much more painful!

thanks again!

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Default Re: Has anyone compared gas brands?

I've used Sunoco and Wawa gas -- Wawa's 89 gives me an improvement of about 3MPG over Sunoco's same grade. Also I didn't see a difference between Sunoco's 87 and their 89!
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Default Re: Has anyone compared gas brands?

Think twice before jumping at the chance to "save" a few cents per gallon. That 'bargain' 87 could bite you big time down the road.

With fuel injection technology advancing quickly (the 2006 Lexus IS, which I've driven, squirts its fuel straight into the combustion chamber), gas quality is crucial for emissions, economy and reliability.

Some heavy hitters in the auto industry got together and persuaded a handful of gasoline retailers to voluntarily ensure that their products met the automakers' technical standards, particulary with respect to the prevention of deposit build-up on intake valves and combustion chambers.

Two of those auto manufacturers are Toyota and Honda. Cruise on over to http://www.toptiergas.com/ to learn more (and which gasoline brands signed on.)

Meanwhile, for those considering fuel "conditioner" and "cleaner" additives ... more is NOT better. (As the cans' instructions usually state.)

The following is why it's probably better to treat your vehicle to a tank of Chevron (or other brand on the top tier list) on a regular basis.

A friend, who keeps his Honda immaculate inside and out, was using a can of additive with almost every fill-up. This went on for several months. He raved that the engine ran better. Then his car started acting up. He finally caved in and took the car to the dealership.

The verdict: his spark plugs were shot. The parts (iridium plugs) and labor weren't cheap. (The glass-is-half-full folks will see the bright side -- at least it wasn't a two-plug-per-cylinder V12 Mercedes-Benz!)
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Default Re: Has anyone compared gas brands?

Contain enough denatured ethanol such that the actual ethanol content is no less than 8.0 and no more than 10.0 volume percent.

Interesting that "toptiergas" is mandating gasohol.
Good for cleaning the engine, cleaner burning, won't pollute waterways like MTBE, but lose a couple of MPG in fuel economy.

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Default Re: Has anyone compared gas brands?

Kristina, I see that you are in California. Since the state of California strictly mandates the specific formulations of all gasoline sold in the state, there is virtually no difference between brands (including independents). So you can choose by price with confidence.

Other states, like your mileage, may vary.

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