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The real threat of energy dependence

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Default Re: The real threat of energy dependence

AzMerf - I extend my apologies to you; I can see I read your post a bit hastily, and misjudged you.

I agree with you on the republic being lost; as an aside, my permanent residency application for CA has been approved, as of last week (took just a little over a year). Tired of fighting the good fight - I'm going to live with our 'socialist neighbors to the north'.

Now I have to see about whether or not I can import the HCH-II into the country, or should I wait and order one when when I get over there. My preliminary research says I can bring the car over, which will be good, given the differential in pricing over there.

As I cross the border, me and my partner will look back on this country, remember what it used to stand for when we were younger, and shed a silent tear.

Then I'll remember what has become of it, and say one last time as I turn my back...

Old 01-17-2006, 03:53 PM
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Default Re: The real threat of energy dependence


How hard was it to get 'permission' to move 'up there'. I was thinking of moving to Seattle, but the Vancouver area isn't too far off.

BTW, I agree with both of you. I have slowly watched our freedoms slip away. I used to show passion for it, everyone around me thought it was 'worth it'. It has been going on much longer than the past 5 years. Now everyone is starting to agree with me, but I have subdued my passion for so long, and feel the people here are still too complacent ... filled with apathy, to do anything about it. I don't blame them, you stand up for your constitutional rights, you might be thrown in jail. Then they will re-write the books so it fits thier cause and interpret it they way that suits them best. Anthem ... Farenhiet 451 ... Alas, Babylon ... we were worried of the communists coming to take us over, but the control and surveillence has happened from the inside. It makes me very sad. I want to be out before a major conflict begins. I almost feel if it continues as it is long enough, and the rest of the world doesn't destroy itself first, we might have another civil war, but this time the citizens against the government. I used to think we were the free-ist country in the world, until I started studying deeply on other countries. I found we are told we are the most free. Not the worst in the world, no, but we are no longer anything like what was intended. I don't mean to make anyone's blood get hot, or get 'flamed' by those who don't see it. It is happening, but it is a necessary evil for some and those accept it for whatever reason. This country was for you to do and feel as you please (without the harm of others) without government control and intervention. I see the exact opposite. We have a law for everything. I could get into sensitive topics but I shall refrain. It would get us no where and some are too blind to see past thier own beliefs and feel they should force it on everyone else. That is facsism. This is what our country has become based upon. I feel sick to know that is how the rest of the world sees us, and I have no arguement agaisnt it, though I wish I did, for it has become the truth.
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Default Re: The real threat of energy dependence

While Iran postures, the entire oil consuming planet will be impacted, not just the United States. While most of the world, especially in Europe, pay a much higher price for their fuel than we do, much of that goes to the cradle-to-grave social programs in the E.U. When the world oil market drives up the price of oil as they are now through speculation, the E.U. will be faced with either cutting benefits to their people, or astronomical fuel prices (both heating and vehicle) to continue with the level of support for their people. Something will have to give. They already drive itsy-bitsy cars, so there's nowhere to go there.

The U.S. on the other hand has a lot of low-hanging fruit regarding conservation. There's a heck of a lot we can (and will eventually have to) do to reduce, and perhaps eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. It's going to be very painful for the American automakers and the American consumer, but I'm certain we can maintain much of our way of life as long as that way doesn't center around the automobile.

I proposed a few months ago that the American oil companies can avoid a windfall profits tax by spinning off a significant percentage of their profits to the big 3 automakers for hybrid research and development. It doesn't end there, however. The oil companies shouldn't be paying for anything EXCEPT hybrid tech -- not union contracts or high CEO bonuses. The labor unions have to come to the table in the interest of saving their industry. So does the oil industry.

I am politically moderate, and like others, have not enjoyed seeing people go severely partisan in this thread. I empathize with strong feelings on both sides and firmly believe that we need to start living in the solution and not the problem. Both polical parties have a lot to answer for as do the American electorate.

Thanks for letting me get up on the soap-box.

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