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Default 2008 check hybrid system light - transmission?

Hi there. I have a 2008 Camry hybrid with 75000 miles. Yesterday the dreaded check hybrid system light came on. Iíve driven about 20 miles (including about 8 miles on the interstate) since the light came on and the car operates completely normally. I took it to the Toyota dealership and they read the codes and said it needs a new transmission??? and an O2 sensor. They quoted over $7k, which isnít gonna happen. Has anyone heard of this light coming on when the car needs a new transmission? If the transmission is going, wouldnít the car drive weirdly? I canít help but think Iím getting bad advice from the dealership. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

the codes are: P0A2D.P0138.P0606.C1202

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Default Re: 2008 check hybrid system light - transmission?


Wire harness or connector (you check the connectors as well as several resistance checks)
Hybrid vehicle control ECU (if certain checks are good, it confirms the ECU is bad)
Hybrid vehicle transaxle assembly

If they followed the diagnostic tree to that conclusion, then it is valid. If P0A2d is transaxle, then car can no longer monitor the temperature of MG2 - the traction motor. It may be working fine, but it could overheat catastrophically.

P0138 is O2 sensor.

P0606 is EFI malfunction - likely due to O2 sensor

C1202 is likely low brake fluid, switch or skid control ECU (probably fluid since nothing else points to skid control ECU)
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Default Re: 2008 check hybrid system light - transmission?

75000 miles? Scary.. Thought Toyotas are better than that. Really hope it is just a loose connector .

Had a similar issue with DME (ECU) on my old bmw. It says intermittent communication fault. Car was ok to drive. It goes to limp mode and max speed is 45mph (when it happens). Finally had to replace the DME to fix it for good.
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