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Anyone have the pdf's/instructions for Nav unit install >

Anyone have the pdf's/instructions for Nav unit install

Anyone have the pdf's/instructions for Nav unit install

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Default Anyone have the pdf's/instructions for Nav unit install

Hello all, thinking of picking up a e7011 or e7012 Nav unit used for my 2007 Camry Hybrid.... I know Dang had great info but he no longer seems to be active on here. Wondering if anyone else has his or other good instructions they could share. Also considered an updated one but the jbl current unit kills that. Cheers, lagerman
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Default Re: Anyone have the pdf's/instructions for Nav unit install

There used to be service manuals posted online, that should have all wiring listed, plus disassembly instructions, try to find it.
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Default Re: Anyone have the pdf's/instructions for Nav unit install

Would love to know more about this as well. If I can get the 7011 and have nav working without any modifications I will be one happy camper. Dont care about the hybrid screens!
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Default Re: Anyone have the pdf's/instructions for Nav unit install

Here is what I dug up:

Attached is a whack of info I’ve sent a few people!

Note there are some references here to connecting up the CAN and ignition sense for the energy screens. This is for the Hybrid unit, and you don’t need them for the non-hybrid unit.
Note that for the CAN wires, one guy just tap’d into the wires beside the blue connector I list. He says it was easier than finding pins.

Also note there are a couple of parts they talk about that appear to only be listed for Canada.

Here’s the Canadian part numbers:
C0069-33010-W2 AUX & STEERING
C0069-33010-W3 MIC CONNECTOR

Here’s what another user in the U.S. did:
Since I couldn't find the SW/Aux adapter, what I really needed was the mic connector (F12) which is P/N 90980-12404, the Aux connector (F14) P/N 90980-12209, and the (F13) connector P/N 90980-11909 if you want to add the SPD, REV, and IGN wires to the unit.

If you are going from a radio to a nav (vs. From nav to hybrid nav), before you do anything. Have a look at 2007_Camry_Nav.pdf.

I’m not sure if you have the info to get your existing radio out. It’s pretty easy. This is in 042000.pdf attached, so that 2007_Camry_Nav document covers it.
Pry out the vent at the top and disconnect the wire.
Unscrew your shift **** and remove it
Pull off the two trim pieces on either side of the lower box by just pulling towards the rear.
Lift up the plate for the shifter, it and the part right in front of the box all just pull up, from the rear.
The entire plastic piece where the shifter is then lifts up and comes off. Disconnect the wire for the 12 volt plug.
That will reveal two screws. Undo these and the box will come out. (Hint, have to put the car in drive to get it past the shifter bar.) There are two connections you have to disconnect on the back of the box.
You’ll now see four screws, two above the radio/Nav, and two below the climate control. Undo these and the radio and climate control come out as one big piece. There is one connection on the back of the climate control, and a bunch on the back of the radio. Only the two antenna connections on the radio just pull. All others have a release tab.

Again the correct numbers for the Nav say E7011 on the front, and part number 86120-33A30 as a part number you can order from Toyota for the unit. I “think” 86120-06460 is OK as well for the hybrid, but do not have firsthand experience with this unit. Note the unit doesn’t come with a Nav disk. You have to order that seperate.

First thing for you is Camry34.pdf. This is the wiring diagram for the Nav (and radio) units.
For the version with the energy screens, there are three extra wires to be concerned with.
You will notice on the first page of the wiring diagram a connection that says IG, and says 10A ECU IG No. 1. This is only for Nav units. This goes to pin 2 of the 5 pin connector on the back of the Nav. Pin 3 is the speed wire, and pin 5 is the reverse wire on all Nav systems, but pin 2 is connected only on hybrid cars.
You need to run a wire from pin 10 of 3L. Don’t try to go to pin 2 of 3Q. You have to take your entire dash out, and it’s just not worth it.
I took the lower part of the dash out (under the steering wheel), but I “think” you should be able to just pull the trim piece to the left of the steering wheel where the power mirror controls are.
If you look at 088.jpg, you will see a picture. You can see the black on the second connector down. You’ll notice I stripped back the insulation on this, and added my wire to run to pin 2 of the 5 pin on the back of the Nav there. 0084.jpg is a closer look at this. I of course soldiered and taped this after I took the picture.
The other two wires you will need are the CAN buss wires. Back to the wiring diagram in camry34.pdf, go to page 5. You will notice CANH can CANL on pins 2 and 3 of F12. These connect up to FE2, right behind the Nav. Pin 2 goes to pin 18, and pin 3 to pin 19. Picture 076.jpg is a close-up of F12, and you can see the two yellow wires I added. If you look at the same picture, you’ll notice a blue connector sort of below/behind the black plastic part. That’s FE2, where you want to connect those CAN wires. (they were not connected yet when I took the shot.)
You will need a least five .5mm pins. I would try to get these from Toyota. I actually cheated and used some VW/Audi ones I had, but they were a bit of a challenge to get in. Toyota ones from the dealer would be better.

Two more attachments I thought would be handy for you.
035003.pdf tells you what all the connections do on the back of the radio.
036006.pdf is the connections for the Nav, and also some diagnostic menus.
036004.pdf is more diagnostics for the Nav. Note on page 11 it talks about a CAN check. Only models with the energy screens have this diagnostic screen.
One caution. There is one unused terminal on the Nav and oddly the climate control connection will fit in there. Don’t make that mistake.

Finally, 2007_Camry_Nav.pdf is the instructions for changing from a radio to the Nav system. These are the dealer instructions. Again, the instructions do not cover the three additional wires required for the energy screens above, but otherwise are what you need.

I “highly” recommend you get the install kit from the dealer. The connectors are different between the radio and the Nav, and this kit comes with a great adapter to make it work. You can see a picture of the adapter on page 7. They also provide some other connectors. The part number for this kit is on the first page.

Some handy numbers:
PU069-32777-G5 NAV SYS GEN 5
C0069-33010-W2 AUX & STEERING
C0069-33010-W3 MIC CONNECTOR

I think that’s it. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or problems.


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Default Re: Anyone have the pdf's/instructions for Nav unit install

I love this thread, sub'd

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