tire pressure 2008 camry hybrid

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Originally Posted by carolinacamry View Post
I went from 32 lbs. to 35 lbs. about a week and a half ago. My onboard 'puter use to read 36-37mpg. Lately, its been around 38-39 consistantly. I'm not going higher than 35.
When driving on hot pavement, your tires will increase by 2 to 3 psi.
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I'll weigh in on this. 25 years ago when I bought my Toyota Supra, Toyota recommended a tire pressure of 28 psig. I have always used a specialist for tire balancing so I questioned him as to what he recommended. The tire had a max rating of 44 psig cold. He stated 38-40 psig. Since this was radically different from Toyota, I called the tire manufacturer. They said if I wanted maximum tire life, to inflate to 40 psig.

I did and got 70,000 miles on the tires.

When I questioned them about the discrepancy with Toyota's recommendation, the tire guys said that the car manufacturers are always focused on a soft ride for the passengers.

There are no safety issues with high pressure within the tire manufactures limits.

If you want max tire life and mileage, inflate the tires to 40 psig. If you want a softer ride, use Toyota's recommendation which for the TCH is 32 psig.

I'm using 40 psig and have very little wear after almost 25,000 miles.
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Default Re: tire pressure 2008 camry hybrid

I still have the original Bridgestone tires after 41,000 miles. I have run them at 42psi front and 40psi rear for over 40K miles. The treadwear is very even and measures 5/32 at the center, and 4/32 on the sides. The ride is only slightly rougher than running at the factory specs for high speed driving (35psi). Handling and braking improved when I bumped up the pressures. I'm sure there is a slight (perhaps 1mpg?) improvement in mileage going from 35psi to 40psi, but the real improvement is how much better the car handles. The change is quite remarkable.

Worth a read is Driving Under Pressure

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Hey! Just because this is the first google search result for "tire pressure 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid" I thought I should write the answer in the post for the people who need it. According to the manual, they recommend 32 psi for tires for the 2008 Toyota Camry hybrid. Just FYI.
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Default Re: tire pressure 2008 camry hybrid

Thank you for updating this 9 year old thread with information anyone can find online, in their owners manual or in the car's door frame.
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