When will TCH have Lithium Ion batteries?

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Default When will TCH have Lithium Ion batteries?


I read somewhere that the Prius coming to the 2009 Detroit Auto Show may be equipped with Lithium Ion batteries that apparently may provide over 70 mpg. See link above for some more details that suggest even higher mpg. Has anyone heard when the Camry Hybrid may be available with Lithium Ion batteries?


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Default Re: When will TCH have Lithium Ion batteries?

Hmmm, we'll have to see how much it will cost....if they come out with a LIon version of the Camry, I might just trade my current hybrid in!

My guess is, Toyota will road test the LIons in the Prius for a few years (or a year at least) to see how it goes. Then if they cost is not prohibative, move to other models. I really really really hope they switch to diesel at the same time. If they had a diesel / LIon Prius, I bet 100mpg would the easy target.

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Default Re: When will TCH have Lithium Ion batteries?

I expect to see them when they stop bursting into flames! Considering the problems with them in notebook computers and other portable electronics, I don't think I'd want one in my car at this time.
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Default Re: When will TCH have Lithium Ion batteries?

There was an article in Nature Nanotechnology, about a year ago, detailing a breakthrough in lithium battery technology. The idea was to use nanowire anode construction to prevent the problems that kill traditional lithium batteries when the anode absorbs the lithium ions. The technical details are a bit above my head. I am a mathematician, not a solid-state physicist. Anyway, here's the article: http://www.nature.com/nnano/journal/....2007.411.html

So, the heating and battery life problems of lithium technology have been been solved, in the lab. The remaining problem is to get them into mass production, and get the cost down. As far as the scientists are concerned, those are trivial little details. But,for the engineers and managers and customers, those details are important.

It may well be that ramping up production of a new battery technology only allows limited production at first. For most new processes, they have to build some production plant, prove it, do some initial production runs, get some experience with that product, then update the plant to incorporate lessons from that experience, and then finally they can begin to expand the production capacity by xeroxing the plant. All of that takes time. It usually takes about four or five years. I'm sure batteries are not much different in that respect.

I bought my TCH in 2008. I expect the next-generation battery technology will be available about the time I am ready to buy my next vehicle. If the new batteries come out in mass quantities earlier than that, I am sure someone will produce a retrofit kit. In the mean time, I am getting the benefit that is available now.

I don't want "bleeding edge" technology. I want "reliable" technology. That is usually a few years behind the bleeding edge.
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Default Re: When will TCH have Lithium Ion batteries?

Definitely not til the next redesign so 2012 model year?
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