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Any Advice on Getting Replacement Battery Pack to work?

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Default Any Advice on Getting Replacement Battery Pack to work?

So this may have been posted about before on here, and if so I apologize. However, I am in a bind, and so I am looking for advice, and any good articles on how to fix my particular issue. Basically last year the battery pack in my HCH I failed, and so I bought a replacement one off of a similar vintage wrecked vehicle that had recently had its battery pack replaced. I had the service done at Ed Voyle’s Honda in Marietta, and they told me that they could not guarantee the functionality of the new battery and that they recommended replacing that battery with a brand new one and swapping out the battery control module at the same time. This was after I replaced both catalytic converters, bought new tires, and made a few other upgrades to the vehicle, and basically I was bordering on spending more on repairs than what the vehicle was really worth. And while the new battery seems to charge and discharge properly, I kept having the check engine light come on; which means it can’t pass emissions. (I let the starter battery go dead because I was not driving the thing enough, and since then the orange light of death has not come back, but I know you have to drive these vehicles a while for all of the onboard diagnostics to check all of the subsystems.)

Long story short I bought a new vehicle, a Golf TDI, and so now I am looking at selling my old one, but I would ideally like to fix these problems (as cost effectively as possible) before someone else gets it; as I don’t want to rip someone off or sell them a problem vehicle. So my question is: are there any options beyond just replacing the whole hybrid power system all over again? Can I just replace the battery control module, or is there some other trick I am unaware of for making the vehicle work right?

Basically, given all of the things I have replaced, I feel like it could be a good vehicle for someone else, and so I would prefer not to sell it to someone that is just going to scrap or part it out if I can, and since I am no longer depending on it for transportation: I have the time to mess with it somewhat if I know what to do.

Secondly, the car shudders anytime that you start off in the vehicle, and Ed Voyles also said that they recommended repairing the transmission as well. (They also recommended that I buy a new car; so how courteous of them….) Now I had noticed the car doing this for a while when I was driving it, and the transmission has not failed on me yet. However, again I don’t want to sell someone else a vehicle with problems, so I am also curious if any of you have had this issue, and whether or not this is something that should be fixed immediately or if I should just make the new owner aware of the issue, and tell them that they may have to fix it later? If so, how much does repairing the transmission (which I assume means replacing the belts) cost, and is it something that I can do on my own or am I better off taking it to a shop that I trust?

Thanks in advance for any input you might have on this, and I would greatly appreciate any advice that any of you might have on these issues.
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