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Class Action Law Suit

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Default Class Action Law Suit

If you are an owner of a Honda Civic Hybrid 2006-2010 and have experienced design flaws in 1) the rear tire arms, causing the cars tire tread to be worn down to baldness and or 2) have had your hybrid battery become faulty and no longer hold a charge causing the car to loose power during acceleration and have had Honda "fix" the problem with a "computer update" which changes the way the car runs so that it now mainly runs off of gas instead of battery assist, which also causes the car to get increasingly poorer gas mileage......please contact Attorney Nicholas Chimicles of Haverford, Pa. His law firm is handling a class action law suit against Honda regarding the advertised exaggerated MPG Honda claimed of the cars performance and it's time to file additional suit regarding the faulty design of this car model. Please read this article from the Los Angeles Times:


Toll Free: 866-399-2487
Voice: 610-642-8500
Fax: 610-649-3633

Here is a link to Honda's website regarding the Class Action Law suit and proposed settlement.


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Default Re: Class Action Law Suit

I have had the Software update done on my car, with the many other updates also..I have not seen any decrease in my MPGs. If I do get to a forced 2 pip soc, now it is taken care of in just a few minutes of driving. Before I would have to deal with it until I got upto highway speeds. I am very pleased with my car now at 59,900 miles. Please remember that you are driving a small engine, it is not a sports car. It will never be one, drive it like it was intended to be and you will be very happy.

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Default Re: Class Action Law Suit

+1 for me too.

I got the updates and my mpg is higher and the car runs better too.
Oops... examples like mine don't help the claim for point #2... so make sure these lawyers never hear from people like me, will ya?

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Got mine – MPG and performance are improved – love it! (Please understand: not gloating here, just balancing the OP's multi-post comment. Definitely empathize with those who may experience problems.)
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Default Re: Class Action Law Suit

I am not an advertiser for that attorney and I am not working for that attorney. I am a hybrid owner extremely unhappy with my car's performance and angry that Honda risked my life and the lives of my passengers because of the car's faulty design. My tires were rubbed bald because of the faulty tire arms twice before Honda admitted the design flaw, fixed the arms but refused to pay for new tires. Bald tires=increased chance of accident and threat to my safety and the safety of others. My car also would experience power loss to the transmission due to battery failure, causing my car's transmission to fail to engage and not accelerate. I would be at stop lights, accelerating onto the freeway, driving up hills (at slow speeds like in a parking garage or on my steep inclined driveway) and I would press the gas pedal all the way to the floor and the car would not go forward but the engine would rev. On the hills, the car actually would begin to roll backwards even with the pedal all the way pressed to the floor. no power to the transmission=SAFETY THREAT!!!!!! When I took my car to Honda and complained about the transmission not working, I was told that a "computer update was needed to fix the problem in the transmission", I had not received Honda's notice regarding the battery issues and was not told prior to the repair about the battery flaw. When I questioned Honda's regional service manager about the cars defects he merely asked me to recreate the problem and because I couldn't after the "fix" he refused to admit any fault that this battery problem may or may not have caused my transmission to fail. All I am trying to do is make people aware that this is a serious problem for many reasons and people need to come forward and contact the appropriate people so our justice department can do it's job.
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Default Re: Class Action Law Suit

I dunno.
I think honda should look at people's complaints about the car and treat them with the respect they deserve and fix the cars that have the probs.
But til 50% of the (100,000+???) US people who got the hch2 step forward and claim fault with the design like you are doing then you cannot possibly speak for my car and my experience and the experience of other people like me. just wanted to say that so you can word things in a fair way.

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Default Re: Class Action Law Suit

Originally Posted by Lydiahk View Post
My tires were rubbed bald because of the faulty tire arms twice
How many miles do you have on your car? I find this difficult to believe.
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Default Re: Class Action Law Suit

Class Action Lawsuit for lawyers = Lawyer's Retirement and Vacation Fund

Class Action Lawsuit for owners = $500 or $1000 coupon for a new Honda, with no admission of guilt or fault on the part of Honda
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Default Re: Class Action Law Suit

I too had the flawed rear tire arms. I was especially frustrated because I took the car to the dealer for all service -- including tire rotations. The rear belts had started to show and the tires were ruined. Honda gave me a "special" deal on new tires since I had only about 30,000 miles on them.

I'm surprised that anyone could have received the "software upgrade" and experience improved performance. I live in Texas. IMA assist is virtually dead as many others have mentioned. The software update made the problem even worse. It is clear to me that the purpose of the update is to try to keep the batteries within their warranty tolerances so they can avoid replacing them.

I intend to file a small claims suit. The $ damages are within the Texas limit. The letter describing the effects of the update was, in my opinion, misleading -- bordering on fraudulent. By my math, I will lose several hundred dollars due to reduced gas mileage. The car is nerve wracking to drive -- decent acceleration with IMA or like towing a 1000 lb trailer without it. No reasonable person would expect a car's performance to diminish so significantly after 3 years. The software shifts the burden to the gas engine and rarely shuts it off. One would have to expect a reduced life span for the engine itself. Anyway, I feel that Honda has sold a poor design that they refuse to stand behind (in case they get run over).

I'll post here if I have any success.
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Default Re: Class Action Law Suit

Interesting idea, going to small claims court. Decent chance Honda will make you a settlement offer rather than bothering to have someone show up to defend your claim.

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