Flat tire at 29K. Advice on replacement tires.

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Question Flat tire at 29K. Advice on replacement tires.

I just had a flat tire about 150 miles from home base here at my summer place in Newfoundland. (Used 2007 Vue GL) So much for the lack of a spare tire! I didn't think I liked that idea at first, and now I'm sure I don't! I was, fortunately, able to re-inflate it with the "canister of slime" repair kit, but How far can I drive with the Saturn Tire repair kit??? The local tire garage people seem to think nothing of driving it for another few thousand miles, (Newfoundland Attitude: "If it ain't broke, it don't need fixin'!") but I wonder if that filler will shake around or heat up causing even more damage. Can I drive 1000 miles plus at 90 to 110 KPH? (...or even at or below the Max of 90 KPH?) The Drivers Manual says not, but that is very likely a legal disclaimer more to protect them than me! I've read stories both good and bad on this , but the tire is holding up well and there is no out of balance shake at highway speed... The Goodyear dealer I took to could not find the hole to patch. The slime is still in it... and they were able to re-balance it...

I'm leaning toward replacing two of the tires (especially the flat!) and putting the (2) new ones on the front. (Hoping I can get back to the States first, as everything is more expensive here...) I think a better road grip would be nice too, as it gets spooky with the front end breaking loose under normal acceleration, never mind under rainy/slippery conditions. The higher mileage is nice, (averageing 30 MPG)but a little grip on the road would be much welcomed. Does anyone have any recomendations? (Yeah, this is my second home, but, jobless and 60+, I may have to sell one to be able to keep the other, so there's not a lot of money to play with...)
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Default Re: Flat tire at 29K. Advice on replacement tires.

Is it 29k Kilometers, or miles?

Either way that sealant kit sounds like bad news, if it makes it near impossible to subsequently repair the tire. Do you think that's the bottom line, talking with the Goodyear guy? Can the slime be removed? Or does the labour add up to the price of a new tire?

I wonder if the use of sealant instead of temporary spare (which took over from full-size spares) has pushed it too far. It will take car buyers closing their cheque books to get rid of this.

Also, is there room for a temp spare? Is there one available? If you're in it for the long haul it might be worth it getting the temp spare, if it's possible. I know it's throwing good money after bad, but...

Also, once you get that temp. spare you're pretty much guaranteed to never have a flat again

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Default Re: Flat tire at 29K. Advice on replacement tires.

29K (+) Miles... I've read negative reports of people trying the temp spares. It messes up the traction control computer so you get lots of problem warnings. If you put on a temp it will only work properly if it's a full size one. There is not room in the rear for the spare, as they put the battery for the Hybrid options there. I'm collecting more info, and pricing tires before I go back and request they remove the goop. They don't feel it's necessary, athough the manual says it is... Thanks for the comment!
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